Roon won't start on Win 10PC after working fine for months

I restarted my PC, which runs Roon, and Roon would not run. The white screen with the pulsing logo runs for a while and then it just ends. Once, it got so far as to show the select zone option, but within a min it closed again.

I can’t think of any thing I did with the PC configuration. I have backed up the User/App local/ Roon folder…but could it be corrupt?

Could anyone provide some options on getting Roon to work again short of removing from the PC and reinstalling? I guess that would be the last option.

While you might not have done anything with the computer, Microsoft certainly has sent you updates in that time frame. Take a peak at recent updates and see if anything was updated around the time your issue started.

Hi Daniel, indeed there were security updates installed 11/9. Not sure if before or after the trouble.

I uninstalled ROON (saving my settings). and reinstalled. I get the MS error: Roon has stopped working. A proble has caused the program to stop working correctly. …

Not sure what to do now…

Run a deep virus scan and after Windows has removed itself install Linux. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note, copy the db folder tree to a new location so you have a backup, then delete the db folder tree, fire up Roon and see if that works. If it does, it points to database corruption. If it doesn’t it’s time to call in @support.

Haha - Will try.

The App/Local/Roon folder has these folders:


Do you want me to remove the entire Roon folder or only the Roon/Database folder and then restart?


move the cache and database folders

I moved the cache and database folders out of the App/Local/Roon folder and restarted ROON. It worked but it was a totally new build since i uninstalled and reinstalled the software prior to trying this fix.

It is working BUT:

All my album management (tags, genres, merging) is gone. This is a big problem.
I don’t have my bookmarks - not that big of an issue
I don’t have my radio stations - not that big of an issue.

What choices do i have? I really need my tags/genres/merging back. I have spent so much time and effort over the last year getting things right. I have been backing up to assure they don’t get lost. Can i move just one file in the backup folder to the APP/Local/Roon/subfolder to get the album mgt back and thus minimize risk of corruption that caused Roon to fail. And what is this corruption? It makes me seriously worry. My two PC virus scans picked up no no virus or the like.


One common source of corruption is failing to shutdown Roon when making a backup of the db. Time Machine is not reccomended for that reason.

Do you have any older backups ? That might have some of your work.

Hi - Actually, i don’t have time machine, but i might have programmed weekly copies of the files to an external drive…That might explain the corruption (shame, but understand).

Any ideas on how i might pull the old album mgt stuff off one of the old files? Just to even see if it would work. It is unclear what is actually corrupted in the Database and Cache files…

Let’s flag @mike. He’s seen a few databases in bad shape. I hope something can be salvaged, but have no idea what’s possible.

@mike. Really hoping you can help me salvage something. :frowning:

I don’t think it’d be trivial or even possible to ascertain which file(s) were corrupted without some tools to aid in the process. One thing you could try is contrasting date and timestamps between current corrupted db and last backup, looking for files with different md5sum … i.e. same file, but different content. You could then try copying the backup file to the same location on the corrupted db, but I fear it may yield no result and the time taken to worth through this iteratively would probably equal the amount of time it’d take to play catchup on a known good backup.

If it were me I’d cycle through the backups in last in first out order and stick with the first one that has Roon behave normally. From there you may have to do some work to get things back to where it was iro your genres etc…hopefully not too much.

In my experience a crashed PC or dirty shutdown of the PC whilst Roon is running almost invariably leads to database corruption. The reason is Roon is often refreshing/ updating the underlying database with metadata revisions/ improvements etc. in the background.

Agreed and done - i found a Sept 2016 back up. There are two options on how to introduce it. I wonder if any are better than the others:

  1. Use the Total Roon Folder from Sept. including all 5-6 subfolders

  2. Use newly reinstalled Roon Folder but replace it’s Cache and Database sub folders with Cache and Database folders from Sept’s back up.

I am assuming if i have it running ok now, there is NO corruption. I do notice that start up seems a bit slow… I wonder what average time would be. I am at 1-3min.

Most importantly going forward… I have auto backups for files made daily. I have WIN 10 set up so that back ups are made to the AppData Folder AND i now have an exception that backups are not to Copy the App Data/Local/Roon file. If you have the AppData folder backed up, and tell the machine not to copy a sub folder, it won’t right? Anyone know?

@support - if you haven’t already, it would be good to issue instructions on backups when using Win 10’s options. Since Roon is always on, I fear my daily backups of the Appdata file caused the corruption.

I hope i am whole again. :slight_smile:

I’d first try option 2.

That was my choice as well. I think it is watch and see at this point.

Thanks for your help.

Pleasure. So you have it back up and running with most of your edits etc. intact?

dupeguru may come in handy if you want to try go further and figure out which files are different and then experiment with copying the older ones from the backup across. Of course, it may not yield a good outcome iro database integrity.

So far so good. Secret was that cache and database were the “personal” files.

I hope it was all a result of back up efforts.

I’ve never encountered an instance of Roon’s database being corrupted other than through dirty shutdowns of the PC/server on which the database is housed, this on Linux and Windows platforms. I’m curious as to why a backup made whilst Roon is running would corrupt the database - I can understand it resulting in a corrupted backup though.

My post above may have created confusion. I meant that Time Machine (and probably Win 10 File Backup) create corrupted or unusable backups if they backup the database while Roon is running.The source database should not be adversely affected.

Actually, I thought it was perhaps due to a Windows Update automatic reboot he had around the same time as the Roon Failure.