Roonbridge 1.8 player does not appear

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Beaglebone Black running GentooPlayer 6.4, Botic Driver
Twisted Pear Hermes/Cronus to Buffalo DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Have used Roonbridge 1.7 successfully for months. After upgrade to Roonbridge 1.8 player does not show up in the Roon Remote App. I see it listed under the “About” menu but can not see it as a player.

So you see it in “About” but not in “Audio”?
If it’s in “Audio” you might just have to “Enable” it to get it shown as a selectable “Zone” to be able to stream to it…
If I’m off the mark, just ignore my blurb…

Hey @Michael_Proulx,

I wanted to follow up on this and see how things are looking on your end. Can we still help?

And thanks @Marin_Weigel for chiming in to help :pray:

Things are the same. Not working…and no way to go back to Roonbridge 1.7

While downgrading is not supported, we’d love to help get this sorted out.

Could you please share a screenshot of Settings → Audio, as well as your About page?

Hi Beka,
Thanks for the reply. Here are the screenshots.

I am having the same issue with Roonbridge 1.8. It shows up in the “About” menu of Roon but not in “Audio”. I use a version of Gentoo Linux called GentooPlayer made for the Beaglebone Black. I contacted the developer and he will not spend the time to support this further. Any way I could downgrade to Roonbridge 1.7?

Hi Michael,

I was just connected to a up-to-date Roon core (running on Mac OS) with a SimpleAudio Roomplayer+ running Roonbridge 1.7 and it wasn’t detected anymore. It seems that with the latest Roon core even Roonbridge 1.7 isn’t working anymore, so this might not be a solution for you.

Thanks for the screenshots, @Michael_Proulx . They are very telling.

There are some Roon Bridges that only show up in Settings → Audio if an audio device is connected to them. Could you please give that a try? Does it show up then?

I don’t understand your comment. Of course there in an audio device connected. It works fine with sources other than Roon.

Hey @Michael_Proulx,

Thanks so much for bearing with us while we returned to work today. Since we last chatted, I’ve discussed your case with our team.

It looks like the reason the device does not show up in Settings → Audio is because Roon bridge does not see any ALSA devices.

This is not to say it is impossible to make it work, but that it would be #tinkering.

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