RoonBridge on Windows Server 2016 Core (not GUI) - Cannot talk with Roon Core on Win 10 [Resolved]

I run a Client/Server setup. Win10 Roon Core - > Server 2012R2 RoonBridge -> Mutec with no issues.

Was trying out 2016 Core w/RoonBridge. Win10 Roon Core will not see the Mutec/DAC in network section of setup. Both run static IP addresses. I can PING between each, I can map a drive between each, firewalls are tuned off on both (troubleshooting), both have no issues getting anywhere network wise - local or to the internet.

Server 2016 itself sees the Mutec as noted in the Mutec Control Panel. This is an ASIO driver.

Going back to 2012R2 and all works fine.

I have seen others who are running Roon - RoonServer on 2016 Core/GUI so it “appears” to be something with RaaT and 2016.

I have logs if needed…

I don’t have your exact setup but I also just tried out server 2016 in core mode. I have Roonserver running on a server 2012 R2 machine in minimal server mode. With 2016 none of my Roon remotes can see Roonserver. Like you I can ping the PC, remote desktop into it, etc. Definitely some service is removed in core mode that is required by Roon. Roonserver also does not work in 2012 R2 core mode so if you want to use 2016 it seems GUI mode is the only option right now.

@Carl (thx)

Here is the RAAT Log:

02/23 10:46:56 Info: Starting RAATServer v1.0 (build 38) stable on windows
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] creating RAAT__manager
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] appdata_dir = C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\RAATServer
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] unique_id = 633b063f-56e6-410b-9ced-3c4ae9a576a1
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] machine_id = fcd385dc-210d-d69f-6123-eb603f99a693
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] machine_name = M-SERVER-2016
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] os_version = Windows 10
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] service_id = d7634b85-8190-470f-aa51-6cb5538dc1b9
02/23 10:46:57 Info: [RAATServer] is_dev = False
02/23 10:46:57 Trace: [raatmanager] starting
02/23 10:46:57 Error: [raatmanager/windows] failed to register endpoint notification callback HRESULT=0x80070424

NOTE: I get the same error either with the most recent RoonBridge or the release back in November.

Looking through the RoonServer and its RaatServer logs - the Win2016 RoonBridge is never seen - or heard (broadcast)? The remote I am using (Win7), its local audio is seen, but not RoonBridge on the Win2016 Server.

Double-checked Firewalls off. I can ping numeric or name, I can remote desktop, map drives to each other, etc. Just seems if RoonBridge is not announcing to RoonServer.

@Eric @Carl - I see a new RoonBridge has come out.

I will test to see if this fixes my issue with Win 10 Roon Core not seeing RoonBridge on Server 2016 Core Mode.

I will update this thread after testing.

Windows 10 Roon Core
Windows 2016 Core - RoonBridge

Both have Static IP, Firewalls disabled (for testing), both have internet access, can ping each other by IP or Name, can map drives to each other, can remote desktop to each other, but Roon Core cannot see RoonBridge.

NOTE: There are people running Roon/RoonServer on Server 2016 Core. I have not see ANYONE using RoonBridge with this OS.

Update using latest RoonBridge:

RoonServer on Win10

Viewing “about” using Remote (Win 7), Roon Sees the 2016 Server in the list, and sees the RoonBridge software. It also noted there was an update needed to RoonBridge. I updated to the latest version of RoonBridge and rebooted. (Both RoonBridge and RoonServer)

Windows Server 2016 -> Mutec -> DAC : The Mutec Driver and Mutec device is seen in 2016 through the Mutec Control Panel.

RoonServer Widowns 10 - In Roon Audio Options, the Mutec driver is not seen…

I’m experiencing the same issue. My RoonBridge is running on WIN2016 CORE and while the bridge is visible in the About window it is not listed under the networked devices in the Audio Setup. Now I’m using HQP on WIN2016 Core and it works without issues.

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Hi Go_Ga,

How do you manage to run the HQPlayer in the 2016 Core mode? I’m old that it can’t run in the 16 core mode.

I use AudiophileOptimizer 2.20 that enables certain features that allow running HQP in the core mode

Update: just tried win2016 essentials in GUI mode and everything works ok. The RoonBridge is visible in the Audio Setup. So you are right @dshore, something is disabled in the core mode that stops RoonBridge from working.

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Hi Go_Ga,

You mean install 2016 Core, AO2.2, install the DAC driver and then install HQP. Then HQP can run in NAA mode and find the NAA devices(the device is already in NAA mode), say microRendu or sms-200?

Good to see others are experiencing the same issues I am - good to know it is not something in my setup, etc.

Hi @Otter_Mr,

Yes, you install win2016 core, drivers, HQP and that’s it.
I’m not sure about the NAA mode since I’m not using NAA. HQP just talks to the DAC driver.

Hi @dshore,

I think we need to send a message to @AudioPhil and ask him if he can add a RoonBridge support to the win2016 core with the new AO.

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I have already discussed with Phil.

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Thank you.

@Go_Ga Did the latest release fix RoonBridge & Server 2016 Core for you? I have not been able to try it yet.

I installed 2016 GUI and I get the same results as using 2016 Core installation.

Roon Core (Win 10) cannot see RoonBridge on Server 2016 either in GUI or Core installation. I am testing with the latest RoonBridge. Each PC is seen in NETWORK, each can map drives to each other.

Roon Core sees 2016 RoonBridge when viewing software versions (Settings/About).

Would be nice if this could be looked at by the Roon Support Team as we patiently wait.

RoonBridge works with Server 2012R2 Core.

The latest Beta Version of Audiophile Optimizer by @AudioPhil has corrected/fixed/added the ability to use RoonServer or RoonBridge with Windows Server 2016 Core (not GUI). Great work Phil !!!

Another added feature is the use of a wasapi driver in Windows Server 2016 Core. Previously ASIO only worked in Server Core. There are many other new features in the Beta worth checking out.

@Carl - you can close this ticket/thread as it is now resolved.