RoonServer with JPLAYStreamer

Can Roonserver work like minimServer connecting to JPLAYStreamer allowing JPLAY playback in Kernel Streaming mode?

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I don’t think so. But you can install Roon control on the same machine where JPlay is installed and use JPlay ASIO for sound output. That will bypass the JPlayStreamer of course.

I tried this solution and did not like the SQ. I’m now waiting for the roon speakers to have the following setup:

RoonServer -> Roon Speakers -> JPlay ASIO

Shame because JPALY Streamer is where the good SQ action is. On the same note, Roon doesn’t seem to support Kernel Streaming drivers in Windows? Is this correct (it seems to be on my machine) and or is this going to be enabled for future versions as in my experience Kernel Streaming drivers sound better.

HI @Simon

Thanks for the question. Right now, we don’t have any plans to implement Kernel Streaming.

We’ve changed course based on user feedback before so I won’t say never, but we haven’t received a lot of requests in this area, so for now I think the options will remain ASIO and WASAPI.


I would like to request support for Kernel Streaming in order to use JPlaystreamer also! Yes, JPlay can be used via ASIO but using their streaming service SQ seems to be improved.

Hi Gery,

Kernel Streaming support is not needed in Roon for JPLAYStreamer. In order to be able to use Roon with JPLAYStreamer, Roon would have to act as OpenHome control point as JPLAYStreamer is an OpenHome renderer.

Marcin (JPLAY)

Thanks Marcin!

Then the question to Roon is do you have plans to act as an OpenHome control point? If not, then please put it on the list of requests.

I would like this too. Seems like it was on the agenda at one time but then it was dropped to just Songcast support and then they even ran into some problems with that. See this thread:

@danny any comments/updates?


OpenHome is on the roadmap, lots of Linn people out there. No timeline to share however.

Great news! Thanks Danny.

Jplay streamer certainly does work with roon server.
I have an old core2duo laptop running server 2012 with roon server and jplay installed, which feeds audio over the network to another core2duo laptop also running server 2012 and jplay in core mode with full hibernate on. This laptop has a dac and is connected to the amp.
I use one of my windows tablets with roon as a control point,
Sounds great and works great.

Roon server see jplay streamer as an ASIO output, then along as jplay control pc and audio pc is setup correctly, everything just works.

It is not perfect, if you skip a few tracks on playback audio will sometimes stop, but a skip back and then forward will mostly get things going again. And every now and then jplay streamer will loose connection with the audio pc and cause roon server to crash. But a restart of both control and audio pc gets everything going again.

I don’t have any of these problems using Jplay and Roon. Its possible that adjusting some of the settings in Jplay will fix these issues. Marcin may have some more suggestions but typically its around lowering Dac link and increasing PC buffer. A. Longer PCP buffer will into dice a bit of a delay when you hit play and skip functions though.

Many have found that using Jplaystreamer or kernel streaming has a better sound than using JPlay via ASIO. I think this is what is behind the questions on Jplaystreamer and kernal streaming.

You are using JPlay ASIO and not JPlayStreamer. I think there is a confusion between the “streaming” feature of JPlay (e.g. It’s ability to run in a 2 PC setup) and JPlayStreamer which is a separate product - an OpenHome renderer “which allows JPLAY to be used with OpenHome/UPnP/DLNA control points on multiple platforms.”

I would also like to see this Openhome support very much! I’ve tried Jplay with Roon, but it’s just not as good as jplaystreamer SQ wise. But than, jplaystreamer control points don’t have the Roon UX, by far…

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+1 definitely need jplay streamer support

Of course browse my music on roon with the magic sound of JplayStreamer is my dream !

Please consider getting kernel streaming. It will be great. You might not have received requests for this cos many people are probably unfamiliar with the term. But it would be good to add this functionality after Roon stands for the audiophile world :slight_smile: