rooNuimo – best Roon controller ever

Hi @Texas_tattoo,
in the rooExtend Quick Installation Guide I recommended LogiLink BT0037 and TP-Link UB4A. These were tested by me and work fine. As in Linux not all BT chips were supported there is more than a chance that your UB500 may not work.

If you like to get a very long range you can also use this adapter from ZEXMTE which is a 100m USB BT dongle with antenna. It will be supported in the upcoming v2.2.1. One beta user reported it covers a 20m distance at his home.

Sorry, but I think I can’t help you more than this.
Best DrCWO

OK Thanks a lot DrCWO, that’s a very clear answer.
Have a good day.

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Isn’t there a compatibility list which BT chipsets are supported or will it be always try and error?

Why not use the BT USB sticks I recommended and tested?

Probably anywhere in the net you will find a list of devices compatible with Raspbian that is used in rooExtend.

You can rely on this but I think it is better you use those I already tested.

Best DrCWO

Hello DrCWO,
Is it the right place to post about your extension rooUPnP ?

This is the right place, thanks’ for asking :slight_smile:
rooUPnP: Finally a Roon Extension for UPnP Streamers - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community

Hi @DrCWO, I have a feature or actually a feature extension request.
Would it be possible to extend the “Zoon follows Playback” feature with some way to limit the zones that are being followed? Either possibility to select zones that will be followed or an exclusion list?

I have a few a few zones downstairs where following the active zone would be very useful. But also a pair of devices that are staying always on in the sleeping room. So finally rooNuimo switches to that zone. And when somebody accidentally touches Nuimo it has surprising effects upstairs :slight_smile:


I put it on my list but no guarantee it will be realized in near future :grin:


How does the Nuimo work with different roon zones? can 2 nuimo devices control 1 zone? can another control another zone?

Yes, both is possible. Just select the same zone for two Nuimos and it will do. You also can control the same zone with rooNuimo and rooWatch. Changing volume at the Watch the change will also be reflected on the Nuimo display.

Best DrCWO

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Hello DrCWO,
It’s me again from Paris. I finally got the BT dongle from tp-link the UB400. As I told you in a previous post, I plugged the UB400 dongle with an extension cord to move it away from the RPI and to get it very close to the Nuimo (2 meters). But once all the system set in Roon extensions setup (rooExtend, the Nuimo and rooUPnP), I still have the blinking Bluetooth light on the Nuimo. And when the BT disconnection is a little bit longer, I got some shorts cuts in the music. I’m using ethernet connection for both Roon Core on ROCK and for the RPI, of course they are on the same network, but not in the same room. Could you explain to the community how the differents elements talk together, I mean the the ROCK, the RPI with your extensions and the Nuimo ? Thanks a lot for your nice extensions and for your support.
Today my system is: Roon Core on ROCK 1.8 Build 923 - rooNuimo 1.1.4 - rooExtend 2.2.1 rooUPnP 1.2.1 on Raspberry Pi4
Have a good day.

Sure I will do :grin:
I expect the Roon Core to be always on.

  • In general for audio playback the Roon Core communicates directly to Roon Ready devices. In your case using rooUPnP this is different. rooUPnP acts as a bridge so Roon Core sends the audio data to rooUPnp running on the Pi. There it is translated to UPnP and sent to your UPnP device. This means audio data is first sent to the Pi and at the same time back from the Pi to your UPnP device. This creates some load on the Ethernet cable but 100MBit will be sufficient.

  • rooNuimo also lives on the Pi. If the Pi starts rooNuimo (like rooUPnP) advertises itself to the Roon Core and creates its visible user interface (GUI) within Roon (Settings->Extensions). All Roon extensions use the same protocol for advertisement and GUI. The Roon Core pings the extensions each second to find out if they are still alive. If this ping was not successful it terminates the rooExtensions which in this case got automatically restarted by the License Manager. This termination happens sometimes if you are connected by WiFi but should not happen if you use wired Ethernet. The disconnects can be observed in the logs of rooExtend if you open your browser and enter http://[ip of rooExtend]/log.html.

  • Communication from the Nuimo control is via Bluetooth to the BT transmitter of the Pi. If you have a BT dongle installed this communicates with the Nuimo Device. In the Extended settings of rooNuimo you can select if rooNuimo tries to connect to Any Nuimo device or only to the one that is currently connected. If the BT connection got dropped by what reason ever, rooNuimo will be terminated and restarted. In this case it waits for the advertisement of the Nuimo device and connects to it.
    All commands entered with the Nuimo device (volume, start, stop,…) were transported to the Roon core via the Roon extension protocol.

Hope this helps.
Best DrCWO

Thank you DrCWO for this interesting lesson. In my system, of course the Roon Core is always on, and I choose the static option in the IP address setup. Is it possible to do the same for the RPI, a static IP maybe for a better reliability ?
Thanks again.

No it is not. But the router remembers the IP he delegated to the Pi so it will stay the same if you don’t disconnect it for a very long time.

The rooNuimo has been a perfect addition to my LS50 Wireless II system. The speakers lack any visual volume indicator, so the indicator on the Nuimo is very helpful. It’s also much easier turning the Nuimo to crank or lower the volume whenever needed (compared with repeatedly clicking a cheap plastic remote while pointing it directly at the speaker). Easy to setup, and the Nuimo’s build quality is an A+. Looking forward to further RooExtensions in the future.


Just in case someone is interested in a used black Nuimo with Nuimo Hub:
You can find one in eBay classifieds.

Best DrCWO

@Henry_Svendblad You mentioned having all 3 controllers, any real world feedback/opinions you can share in regards to using all three with rooextend?

I am using 2 surface dials and have been very happy with them. I know I want to add more controllers and I’d like to try the other models so I can use my existing RPis. The display and gestures of the nuimo seem intriguing so I plan on getting a few of those. I’m curious if there is any other interesting functionality that I’d miss by only trying the nuimo and not the space mouse. thanks in advance!

I have 3 MSDial’s and 2 nuimo’s and have stopped at that. Space mouse could be interesting but cost is quite a jump up.

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Thanks for that, I’m leaning towards a similar setup as you. I already have x3 dials and I noticed DrCWO convinced Senic to produce more nuimo so I will get x3 of those. I’m indecisive about trying the space mouse. It’s intriguing but I do prefer the simpler look of the dial and the nuimo. Maybe if I ever want more than 6 controllers I will try it.

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To be honest here, the BT performance is really a drag on the enjoyment of the nuimo. Either with external bluetooth dongle or without. Some day everything works fine the next day I am fiddling around for 15 min before I give up to get it working, where it work before. I start to use the nuimo less and less because I can use the three different remote controls for my setups or the iPad. It is fun to fiddle around for setup, but than I expect it simply to work, it is only a remote control after all. It could be so much when they have simply used WiFi instead of this really crappy BT. :hot_face:

Another thing: This maybe related to wrong settings. When I have a stable connection and I want to change the volume the nuimo is not reacting right away, I have to wake the nuimo up by turning the wheel vigorously before I can change the volume which sometimes lead to a jump in the volume, very annoying.