rooUPnP: Finally a Roon Extension for UPnP Streamers

It just says “Searching for Squeezebox devices” under audio. I assume I have to enable the extension first but no items show up under settings->extensions. In other words no extensions are available to enable.

OK, now I got you. Did you see the green LED blinking. Is it a regular blinking or mor a flashing?
You must know that I officially don’t support Pi2 so never tested in this device…

I knew that PI 2 wasn’t officially supported, just tinkering. I have a red light always on and a green light blinking about once per second.

Adding that I can see a rooExtend device on the LAN when checking from my router with a local IP address.

That all looks fine so far. You got an IP-Address and the green light is blinking regulary. In this state rooExtend should connect to Roon. You should it see in Settings–>Extensions inside Roon. If not poweroff the Pi, rebooz your Roon core and if it is up and running again reboot the Pi.
Is your Raspberry in the same subnet as your Roon core?
Please try to open the settings page by entering http:// in the browser. What did you get?” results in a can’t connect to server error. It is on the same subnet as the Roon Core. I don’t have a monitor connected to the Pi - will that give any info on what’s happening? I need to find my DVI to HDMI converter… :wink:

Just to let you know: rooExtend v2.0.0 is out. More details see here:
rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community

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Hello UPnP Users,
with help of @Richard_Wright (thank you very much Richard) I could implement an improvement that now also DENON devices work flawlessly with rooUPnP.

Probably also Heos, Marantz and others, where the streamer got discovered but nothing could be played may work now.

If you own a streamer of one of these manufacturers or if you ran into the issue not being able to play, you are free to download the Hotfix v2.0.1 of rooExtend from here and try.

The License Key for the evaluation period is still active and can be used:

Best DrCWO


Can confirm this works with a Marantz SACD 30n and a Denon AVR-X6300H. Encountering some stability issues with Roon & multiple issues of the same extension turning up again, though. I’ll investigate further & try the procedure suggested in the rooDial thread.

Well, no idea why this happens but I got more reports in this direction. I will get into it starting on Monday.

I will add your devices to my List. The DisaountCode for rooUPnP is on its way in a PM.

Best DrCWO

Do both devices 192000/24?

Would you please test the version v2.0.1 against Linn Klimax DSM/2?
I hope it works better better than before :+1:

Thank you DrCWO

Yes, both accept PCM up to 24/192 - tested.

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Thanks @DrCWO, I have now switched to a Nucleus, how does your extension work with it?

It should work same as before :slight_smile:

Cool, I will take a look, many thanks.

Same happening with me since upgrade to 2.0. Previously stable. Now may show several instances of UPnP running but not finding player (Naim NDS) and needs restarting.

Is fixed with v2.0.2. You get it from here:

Thank you. Seems fine now

This sounds promising, but I don’t have an RPi at hand to test, so before I order one I’d like to know:

Does rooUPnP send changes done at the UPnP device back to Roon, like volume control or pause/play? As far as I know, this was not considered a use case in the Squeezebox world, LMS wanted exclusive control of the device.

With my Dynaudio Music 5, sending back such info to a BubbleUPnP server worked, but not via LMS-to-UPnP with Roon.

Thanks, Christian

how can i install it on my WINDOWS CORE?
i have DAC connect to CORE.
i also can attach RSP PI .
but how to do it.