rooUPnP: Finally a Roon Extension for UPnP Streamers

I’m a bit confused… I’ve seen a recommendation switching FLAC compression on and one where it’s advised off.

Is this summary for FLAC compression correct?
ON: when streaming FLAC to your DAC
OFF: when you’re streaming PCM to your DAC.

Roon FLAC should be set to ‘on’.

Exactly :+1:
In the device settings activate FLAC. This got transmitted to rooUPnP, decoded to PCM and reencoded to the format you select for that device in rooUPnP.

Best DrCWO

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Thak you @Bernd_Hofmann,
this device is cool and is already on the list of devices working with rooUPnP

Best DrCWO

I have a Naim ND5XS and have been trying rooupnp on my Sonore uPnP Bridge (which is Raspberry Pi 3). I tried fixed upsample to 192khz to see if this fixed the track stopping at sample rate change in Roon Radio for example, but found it still stopped and had to skip to next track. This didn’t happen with the Sonore uPnP Bridge. Is this not possible to be fixed? rooupnp did have the edge on SQ from direct testing.

I also have an ND5XS and have had same experience as yourself. As you say the Sonore didn’t stop at format changes.

I really wonder about that :thinking:
I have a small UPnP Streamer from LinTech and using a sampe rate of 96kHz did not stop the stream here. I saw a longer delay between the titles but this may be caused by delayed delivery by Qobuz…

I was experimenting and found that with the UPnP format set to FLAC 24 bit rather than PCM 24 bit any changes in sample rate did move to next track. So for some reason PCM is has this issue.


Same for me too.

Right observation but as PCM has no bitrate includes I cannot fix this.

Hi, I have a Pioneer Elite LX505 AVR and only its HDMI and “UPnP Music Server” inputs can take up to PCM 192/24.

Here are my questions while considering rooUPnP:

  1. My AVR support multi-channel PCM via HDMI, does Raspberry Pi4 running rooUPnP have a way to output multiple-channel PCM via HDMI?

  2. I plan on testing or buying other apps from rooExtend, how much memory and storage do I need if I build a Pi4 from scratch?

  3. Does rooUPnP support the use of Pi4-compatible external touch-screen so track info can be shown and some basic playback controls are available (like Ropieee?)

most PC’s and MAC plus ROCK/Nucleus can support HDMI connection to an AVR.

Just finding a new RPi these days is hard, and pricey.

rooUPnP is more for getting audio to an analogue input via a network DAC or networked AVR that doesnt support RAAT/RoonReady

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Hi @RoonFan,
Here my Answers:

  1. No. playback via builtin Roon Bridge to HDMI only to USB DACs.
  2. Pi4 with 2GB should be sufficient, 4GB better but not mandatory.
  3. Basic Controls only via MS Surface Dial, Nuimo or Apple Watch. I recommend an iPad for control.

Best DrCWO

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Hello and Merry Christmas!
I got rooUPnP, installed and trying to connect foobar to rooUPnP and play to DAC connected to USB.
foobar itself do not see connected DAC to rooUPnP.
From roon app, in extensions, roonUPnP shows “searching …” status.
What is wrong there?

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rooUPnP is made to stream audio from Roon to a UPnP device.

I guess you like to use Foobar as a UPnP renderer. Right?
If so, you have to install the UPnP plugin in Foobar. It should look like this in Foobar:


If you see this just power off the Pi and repower it. After some time you should see in Roon Settings/Extensions something this in the status line of rooUPnP:


After this you can configure the UPnP the way you like.

Best DrCWO

Thank you for fast reply.
Yes, I want to use foobar to play music on my DAC/Streamer.
So, I want, if possible, to use “USB in” port of my dac via network.
My DAC works with Roon and I just want in some cases to play files from my PC.
I do not want to use long USB cable connected directly to DAC/streamer.
Will try to see what can be done with rooUPnP.

Best wishes,

I did not understand what exactly you like to achieve.
Please describe your setup in detail so I know what you want to do.

rooUPnP is NOT a UPnP client. It only transfers music from Roon to a UPnP capable device.

Best DrCWO

May be I am fault.
My DAC/Streamer works fine with Roon.
Like an option, out of Roon ecosystem, I want to play files from my PC or NAS.
I am looking a way to play files via “usb in” port of my DAC.
So, I am trying to replace 5 meters long USB cable with something over LAN/WIFI/Network.
Setup which I want to make is:
(1). PC/LAPTOP with LAN/WiFi with foobar2000 and UPnP plugin.
(2). DAC/Stremer connected to USB port on rooExtent/rooUPnP
LAN/WIFI between (1) and (2).
rooUPnP to be UPnP “server” or “endpoint” or something which will work like UPnP output device.
foobar2000 to recognize it like UPnP output.
Play files via foobar2000 to dac connected on USB port on rooUPnP.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Best regards,

Hope I now got it:

  • You run a Roon Core
  • You run a DAC/Streamer that supports Roon
  • Your DAC/Streamer is currently connected via Ethernet to your network

What can be done:

  • Get a Raspberry Pi or the rooExtend-Box and connect the DAC/Streamer to it via USB. In this configuration you will see your DAC as an audio device in Roon as in rooExtend a Roon Bridge is included. This means audio goes from Roon via Ethernet (better no WiFi, not good for highres audio) to rooExtend and from there via USB to your DAC/Streamer. This will work without any license out of the box in rooExtend.

  • Now how to playback via PC?
    What I can offer with rooExtend is the Roon Extension rooPlay. This offers to stream from your PC or iPhone to Roon. In this case the signal path will be:
    PC → Airplay → rooPlay → Roon → rooExtend → DAC/Streamer
    The advantage of this solution is, that you can use the Roon DSPs also via Airplay playback. But it requires an active Roon core.

The rooUPnP Roon Extension you mentioned, delivers a solution to use UPnP DAC/Streamer with Roon. As far as I understood you like to do the opposite, stream from UPnP to the DAC/Streamer. This direction is not supported by rooUPnP.

If you don’t like the solution offered by rooPlay via Airplay why not use Volumio instead of rooExtend. Volumio offers UPnP input and also runs on a Raspberry PI.

Best DrCWO

Since I changed IP address of the RooUPnP Raspberry (withing the home network from .61 to .81) the extension keeps searching… The result is that the RooUPnP doesn’t show up in the selectable AudioZones either.

I’ve rebooted the Raspberry twice. No difference.

It can be accessed using the browser. It shows the correct IP address ending with .81

What can be done to get the RooExtension back online within Roon?