RoPieee - Feature requests

(Harry ten Berge) #21

Go to the settings page of the touchscreen. The last option is ‘blank screen on timeout’. That’s enabled. If you disable that you will get the big clock after the timeout.

(Sean) #22

Ya this is what I suggested before.

A ‘Sleep display now’ button on that settings screen (after you press the small clock - I don’t mind if that small clock stays either)

Even on the ropieee.local settings page is fine with me - it’s only a few clicks (finger taps) to get there.

Just one data point.

(Geoff Coupe) #23

Ah - I assumed it was simply to turn on and off the blank screen; there’s no mention of it being used to turn on the clock. Perhaps the wording could be clearer to help those of us who are a bit slow?

(Mr Fix It ) #24

One nice feature that Harry must be appluded for is a self contained API that one just adds in the extensions in roon. :clap:

That said, a usage document is lacking currently as some things are still in flux of course…and it’s still beta at least as far as the LCD portion is this time.

(simon arnold) #25

I don’t really want to have to go to the settings page to do this. It should be on the now playing screen replacing the clock. A swipe left or right would be more suitable to accessing the settings as you really only need to access them once. This will keep.the UI in balance to.

(Mr Fix It ) #26

someones not been following along…hehehehe blink and you miss things here sometimes. But I agree…Maybe something like a mutually exclusive Clock or Screen Blank box.

The timeout on the settings screen if you don’t do anything…or maybe even if you do is quite short.


Support for Allo USBridge would be great!


(Raf Verhoogen) #28

Hi New here and trying out Roon and RoPieee and so far i love it.

  1. Thanks to Roon i am rediscovering my music (great from listening to listening experience)
  2. I love RoPieee, tried so many Pi setups and this one beats them all in ease of use

I will come to my feature request no worries, but maybe first small intro of my setup

  1. Devialet Expert 400 as amp/dac/and so many other things
  2. Pi = RaspDIGI Digipi + - Lecteur réseau Numérique Raspberry Pi & SPDIF WiFi

    and some other stuff which is less important now (CD CEC TL3N/Speakers Link K100/subs REL/Vinyl Clearaudio)
    My feature request is related to the display, i know there is a thread on the 7" display, however i have a Winstar 2X16 lcd on the Pi and not the touch. It would be great that i could see some basic info like Artist/Title/Time into song/Time remaining song.
    For all the rest i use the app on an old ipad, which is great. It is only so stupid to have this lcd and just see it black :slight_smile:


(stephan wagner) #29

yes please…usbridge support

(Harry ten Berge) #30

I think for this you should contact Allo. I’m not gonna buy the hardware myself, and Allo has nothing on the Sparky (the SBC used by the usbridge) with respect to kernel etc. online.


Thanks Harry. I just emailed Allo asking them if they can work with you to make it happen.


It appears they have done so, love the speed these things move at, well done to both parties.


Yep, I received the same answer to the email request I sent to Allo early today.

(Harry ten Berge) #34

This is one of the things that I’ll gonna do first, so making it possible to install updates manually. Now the screen is out I want to spend some time on things like this.

(Harry ten Berge) #35

I’ve asked the Roon team to enhance the API so that I can get some source material information.

(simon arnold) #36

Harry can you please look to add support for this so I can use harmony remote to control playback . I already use the harmony extension which switches on amp and sets input and plays by just pressing play on a Roon remote or touch screen but having the extra controls would be awesome. I guess you would need to stick to pi3 asnit has BT in built


I’d like to have the option to set the IP to static.
This way you can bridge the pi with a NUC.


I’d like to have the possibility to chose between roon Bridge and HQP NAA.
Please add HQP NAA to RoPieee

And native DSD Support for Amanero 384 USB chip in Lampi DACs

Pretty please with sugar on top

(Harry ten Berge) #39

That’s work in progress, so stay tuned.

(Harry ten Berge) #40

Do you own a Lampi DAC? If so we can see if we can retrieve the information needed to patch the kernel.