RoPieee LCD Beta stuff - tell it like it is

No this is going to be an option.
But still it should work of course :wink:

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Um - I’m still on version 0.3.3, despite several reboots. Am I supposed to download a new beta from somewhere and write a new image to the SD card?

Yeah unfortunately it’s stuck in the update cycle.
I can give you instructions on how to fix this manually, but if you’re not familiair with SSH and shell they are far from trivial.

Somewhere this week I’ll have a new beta image. The good news is that it will have scrolling.


Thanks Harry. I’m happy to wait…

Hi all.

My Pi screen just arrived today and I’ve managed to assemble it and my Pi into a case. It’s up and working. Can anyone tell me how I can get started with the Ropieee beta that includes video? I have the original Ropieee installed, and have been using it with great results for the past couple of weeks. Now I’m anxious to make the most of this wonderful program with the video option, but I’m not sure where I find the suitable Ropieee beta image. Thanks.

I’m not using a display myself, but you need to download it from Github.

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Thanks, Wim. Found it, with your help.

Got it working in a few minutes. So far, great. Thanks, Harry, for all your work. I’m not experiencing any of the power supply issues mentioned by some, despite the fact that I’m splitting the power between the screen and the Pi 3 from a 2A source using the splitter cable supplied with my SmartiPi case. This certainly takes Roon and Pi endpoints to a new level. No more reaching for my iPad every five minutes when I’m playing somebody else’s playlist with songs I don’t know.

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I had originally set up the touchscreen with the 20170605 beta version and an Allo Boss Dac with no issues. Then I moved the Boss Dac to a different Raspberry Pi last weekend and after the overnight reboot, the display stopped working - was giving me the unknown display. Finally had time to work on things today - downloaded and installed the 20170616 beta and the display is back. Just using the pi and touchscreen as a display and control point, not using it for an audio endpoint.

Thanks for all your work Harry - looking forward to the scrolling display.

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Hey Harry @spockfish

I helped dad over the phone with wiping the SD card and reinstalling the image (match easier on his Mac than my Windows 10 it seems). So he has 0.3.5 running.

With 0.3.5, last night the displayed turned off after 15 minutes (so far so good). He then went to bed. So with 0.3.5 we were expecting the screen to still be off in the morning but he woke up this morning and the display was on again.

So the above problem is with Digi+ Pro which he leaves on overnnight.

Now for his Dac+ Pro in his 2nd system, we just did a clean install to get him to 0.3.5 for that system too (he shutsdown that entire system each night because he doesn’t use that 2nd system that often). And he went to the Roon settings to enable the Extension and it’s showing version 0.2.2

Both his Digi+ Pro and Dac+ Pro used the exact same beta-20170616 image file for the fresh SD card installs.

Not sure why it loaded such an old version on the first boot…

I have a fun weekend trying to work out what’s going on over there this weekend lol

And I can’t even hit the feedback button because there is no button on the ropieee.local settings page. Even the old HAT names are there - only “HiFiBerry DAC+” is shown. Not the “DAC+ / DAC+ PRO” naming that we change a couple of weeks ago.

So an old image was definitely downloaded on the first boot? Or does the beta-20170616 come with ext. 0.2.2? Meaning it didn’t pull an update on the first boot?

Yes. Exactly that. It was not able to update during installation process :frowning:

We need new beta images asap. I really hope I’ll find the time this weekend.

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Harry, no need for the sad face! I’m absolutely not trying to say ‘hurry up’. I’m genuinely interested in knowing if it’s a problem at dad’s end.

If it’s a problem possibly with your image playing up at the moment, that’s fine with me - take as long as you like. I know you’ll end up fixing it so there’s no rush.

But if you think it’s a problem at dad’s end possibly I want to try and fix it so it doesn’t become a weekly issue.

It just seems odd that dad is having issues with both Touchscreen’s, since Sunday, and no one else is really reporting issues apart from not being able to update above 0.3.3. So I wonder if it’s an issue at his end.

@dabassgoesboomboom Ok. While at work I had a quick look (couldn’t resist it). this might be an infrastructure thing on my side. I’m getting an error when I want to try to access the beta channel.

So this could explain the issue that with your dad the image did not update itself.
I was busy setting up something at a provider, so this is an addditional argument to speed that one up.

Cool, thanks @spockfish

I’ve been pulling my hair out (and I don’t have much) trying to think what suddenly could have changed at dad’s end since Sunday. This probably explains his DAC+ Pro woes.

Regarding his Digi+ Pro woes, I’ll be visiting dad this weekend so I’ll get to experiment and test if there’s something else.

Did you have any time to look at the logs he submitted yesterday? Is there anything exciting in the logs showing why the screen doesn’t sleep after the 3AM reboots?

No unfortunately did not had the time. I hope I can have a look tonight.

No rush.

Have a look (whenever you get a chance) at why after the 3AM reboot the display stays on (it didn’t go to sleep).

Even with the latest 0.3.5 update too he’s noticed this morning.

Many thanks.

Ok guys. I’ve replaced the repo’s out of my home infrastructure to a provider. Besides the reliability issues it also has considereably more upload speed which benefits your download speed :wink:

Anyhow, @dabassgoesboomboom this at least should explain the issue you had with a RoPieee (beta) installation that did not upgrade during installation.



SO will this change get picked up in an auto update on next cycle or will it only be in the future beta image?

No this is happening without your local RoPieee’s knowing about it. It’s just a DNS change.