RoPieee LCD Beta stuff - tell it like it is

Great Harry… smart thinking :nerd_face:

Thanks Harry. Strangely enough dad said that with his Digi+ Pro setup which was running 0.3.5 (we did the manual install yesterday), the display was off for the first time this morning, since the weekend when 0.3.5 was released…

I have no idea how/if the nightly reboot was affected by this DNS change but that’s good news all round lol.

Still, it might be worth thinking about how this could have happened, just so the same thing doesn’t come up later, for others. Certainly not urgent though.

Just tried a fresh install with his Dac+ Pro setup and it again pulled version 0.2.2 again :frowning:

Did a reboot and will see if it pulls the latest at some point tonight

It’s still the latest RoonBridge version so I told him to unplug the screen’s power and just listen for now until the next update or maybe if it becomes clearer what the issue may be

Guys, here’s a new beta image:

Although not visible on the screen this is a rather big change. To be able to get scrolling properly working I needed to use hardware acceleration and that required quite some work.

So that’s the biggest change: text scrolling when things get too large to fit on the screen. Of course you can disable it (it’s on by default) in the settings screen (by pressing on the right upper corner) if you wish.

This also means that I’ve updated the repo, which could very well mean that those already running the beta will be upgraded (if there already running extension 0.3.5). Now, I’m saying ‘could’ because I’m really not sure if that’s gonna work due to the rather large changes, but let’s see…

Enjoy and let me know. I’m not gonna say this is the last beta release :wink:


Harry, thanks. I’ve downloaded the image, and installed it

Ropieee is running - I get the web page, and the extension is shown as running in Roon. However, the touchscreen does not come up with the Roon display. It is still showing text messages from Ropieee; the last being a message that Ropieee is successfully running…

I’ve sent feedback… Thanks.

I have the same issue as @Geoff_Coupe. Shows running ext 0.3.5 with beta-20170712. Feedback sent.

Checking: we’re you listening to Alan Parsons?

Erm, no. Dark Shadows soundtrack, followed by Angels in America soundtrack…

Did you start from a fresh image or did you update?

That was me…

Fresh image from download link.

Ok. I’ve seen what the issue is. Is one of you willing to retry? With a fresh image?

Sure…tell me when it’s up.

now. It’s the same image, I changed something in the repository. So no need to download it again.

The screen is now blank, although the backlight is still on (with the previous beta, when the screen saver kicked in, the screen was black - ie no backlight)

Yeah. That’s correct. I know what the issue is, and @J_William_Truett is going to do a retry. Let’s wait and see.

Ok, I’ll burn it to different card. Report back in a few.

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Got to love live debugging. :slight_smile:

Okey-dokey. I’m going off to bed to read a few more pages of Yanis Varoufakis - it’s a real hatchet job, like something written by Le Carre…

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Thanks Geoff, we’ll keep you posted.


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