RoPieee Loud Static Noise

I have RoPieee running on a Rpi 3B with a Khadas Tone Board connected to it. The Tone Board is a USB DAC which is powered by the Rpi. It feeds signal to my STAX system.

There has been a few times now that when I get to the end of an album radio takes over and I get a loud blast of static noise in my ears. This painfully loud noise lasts a fraction of a second and then no music will play. Roon will just keep advancing to track after track trying to find something that will play until I stop it.

If I reboot my Core it still doesn’t work. If I switch to a different endpoint without rebooting the Core it works. If I reboot RoPieee it will work again. And if I unplug the Tone Board and plug it back in then it works again, so it seems like a compatibility issue with the DAC and RoPieee.

I have been able to replicate this issue by using the radio feature. It seems like a change in sampling rate may be triggering the problem. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

Try fixing the sample rate and bits to a fixed value in dsp setting and see if that helps. Perhaps it too is suffering the xmos Linux bit rate change bug noted elsewhere in the community here

Thanks I’ll try that. Hopefully there is a fix for this bug in the future.

See this

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I too am seeing this. Here is the feedback link…



Same here with M2TECH Young MKIII DAC via USB. It happen often when switching from 48 kHz (Radio station) to 44,1 kHz.

See the thread mentioned by @CrystalGipsy.

Roon is looking into this and is in contact with most of these vendors. Stay tuned.

Today I’ve got a firmware update from M2Tech (USB V1.30) and until now no problem with static noise.