RoPieee + Mytek Stereo 192 DSD-DAC

Hi all,
apologies if this has been discussed earlier - I haven’t been able to locate specific information about my query.

Currently running Roon from a Roon Core installed on Windows 10, directly connected via USB to a Mytek Stereo 192 DSD-DAC. The Core is on a laptop which is on its last breath, and am looking to replace it with a somewhat long term solution. To do so, have been exploring building a separate networked PC which will run Roon Core, and will need a networked endpoint which supports USB DACs.

RoPieee seems to fit the bill, with one particular caveat. The Mytek DAC does not seem to have native Linux support for the USB connection. However, there is an effort on GitHub that seems to have a working Linux driver for the Mytek:

Now, I know pretty much nothing about Linux, so have been wondering - can anyone confirm if this two things will work together (RoPieee + this Linux driver)? And if they can work together, will RoPieee’s automated updates overwrite the driver forcing one to go through the installation procedure every time?


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The Raspberry Pi is not suitable for Roon Core and can only run Roon Bridge. As an alternative, take a look at the Intel NUC with Roon ROCK.

However, you’ll need to check if ROCK (custom Linux) can support your DAC. There are quite a few threads on ROCK and Mytek, so it may be a good idea to ask in the #roon:rock category if you decide to go down that route.

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Thank you!

But in the section you quote, I thought I had made it clear that I am looking into a separate networked PC for the Roon Core. I should have said “I will ALSO need a networked endpoint”.

The RPi would only be a networked endpoint - hence RoPieee. It would connect to the separate Roon Core (most likely Windows 10 based) via Ethernet and also to the DAC via USB.

But for the RPi to connect to the DAC via USB, and support higher sample rates + DoP, I would need the custom driver in addition to RoPieee.

Hope this makes more sense?

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It won’t, in short :wink:

This effort is abandoned and not compatible with a recent kernel build (which is what RoPieee uses).
Contrary to Windows a driver for Linux needs to be up-to-date with a recent kernel as the interface changes constantly.

So as long as this project is not picked up by someone this is not going to fly I’m afraid.

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I feel your pain man!!
+1million for a driver, if someone could teach me i would keep it up to date.

I think there are many people who would like this to

Much appreciated. At least I won’t be wasting time on this effort… :slight_smile:

There are some great cheap Windows boxes that you can use as an endpoint only. Load the Mytek drivers and RoonBridge on it and done. Given it is just going to be used as an endpoint the requirements are drastically lower than one which will run a core.

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Or something new …

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