RoPieee / Roon using 2 DACs sharing 1 CORE Music Library

Roon Core Machine

OSX Monterey I7 Quad Core MacMini USB out to a SMSL M400 MQA Dac

Networking Gear & Setup Details

everything wireless using FIOS gigabit Wifi. -no issues with IP addresses

Connected Audio Devices

SMSL M400 DAC connected via USB to MacMini CORE Library

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Can I have my CORE Library connected via USB to my SMSL M400 Dac. AND my Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen connected via USB to a iFi ZEN MQA Dac…at the same time ??? 2 Dacs in the same system>>> I might be causing a problem Im a new user
Also the Pi screen is saying CONNECTION FAILURE
Is Roon CORE Running ??? - It is ( I rebooted it and checked connections ,it is working properly)
Is the RoPieee Remote Control extension enabled in Roon ??? - I DO NOT have a remote control

I think that part of my issue is that I am totally confused with the ZONES. In trying to get both DACs to work, using one CORE Library, I think I created these issues. Can someone please help me ? I would be incredably greatful for any help . Thank yo u all.
Mike S>

Yes you can. For the rest of your questions, please refer to your other thread.

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