Running 2.0 and my Windows laptop is running 1.8

Hi, I have the opposite problem, my NUC is running 2.0 and my Windows laptop is running 1.8. Where is this software update? It shouldn’t be this difficult. There are no options when I open Roon on laptop: the visit our Help Center link, not working; checking for updates, results in error. Worked fine before and on my IPOD (running 2.0).

@Jim_Calamia, is your Windows laptop is running W10 or W11? Either OS now is required to run Roon 2.0. If so, and your laptop is not showing an option to download an update in Settings → About, you can download a fresh copy of Roon for Windows here and either uninstall the old Windows verion or install the new download over your old version:

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Hi Robert, Thanks! I downloaded a fresh copy of Roon for Windows using your link. Everything is fine, all systems on 2.0 now. Appreciate the quick and correct advice!! I agree with Echolane, more complicated than it needs to be.

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