Running Roon on Windows 24/24

Roon Server Machine

Windows 11 Pro on MiniPC

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Fritzbox 7590. Roon runs on WiFi

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More than 25,000

Description of Issue

Hi everyone, I’m a new user of Roon and Windows (I’ve always used MAC but I have a very old one that prevents me from using the current version of Roon and ARC, so I’m forced to use Windows). What I would like to know is how to keep Roon Server turned on 24/24 because I saw that on my notebook, when it goes to sleep it also puts Roon to sleep.
Thanks so much to anyone who can help me…

This is possible, an example is here from Micro Center on how to prevent Windows from sleeping for W10 but should be similar for W11:

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In the power settings, set the sleep time to ‘never’ to turn off sleeping. You can also turn off sleeping when the lid is closed. I did it on my Windows laptop. I keep the lid closed and it runs 24/7.

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Thanks… is it safe to do this? And HOW to make roon start at login? Roon Core and Roon Server (or this is done all by roon core)?

What are you concered about?

I mean safe for the machine to run 24/24

BTW thanks for the explanation…

Yes, computers are designed to run 24/7.

So i need to download also the rserver? I was thinking (as MAC version does) i need to download only the Roon WIndows package… where eventually to download the rserver? And more i just need to rserver to run automatically or also the roon core?

In the latest version, there’s only one Roon package and it comes with the server. This article shows how to configure server to run at startup:

RoonServer (

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