Running Roon Remote Android App on Google Pixelbook

Does anyone have any experience running Roon Remote via the Android App on the new Google Pixelbook? I realize it’s just out, but if anyone has…I’d love to hear how it’s working for you?

I’m looking for a fanless ultraportable to run Roon so that noise is minimized while doing computer work and listening to music.

I already have three Windows 10 laptops (none fanless) and would rather not get another Windows laptop - fanless in this case. I realize this would give me the most control over Roon.

FWIW, I do run Roon Remote off of my Pixel XL Android 8.0.0 without issue.


I tried a few months ago on a Samsung Chromebook, and the way that the Chromebook sandboxed networking around the Android emulator made it impossible for Roon Remote to communicate with the Roon core over the Local LAN.

Maybe someone has gotten better results or figured out how to hack around it. Not sure. It wasn’t my Chromebook, so I spent an hour or two fooling around and then ran out of avenues and gave up.

Thanks, Brian.

Based on a quick survey of posts regarding Chromebooks in general, I wasn’t very hopeful.

At least it makes the choice of a new fanless laptop much easier. :grinning:

I have the Roon Remote running on my Pixelbook. I had to connect to type in the IP address of the Core the first time I connected but its been working fine after that. I am still struggling to get Roon to recognise the CHromebook as a Roon endpoint.

Adding the IP worked for me. I can see using it as an endpoint is an option too though only want it as a remote for the time being… Though remote access when at work is still a dream. Perhaps that will come sooner with another mobile offline option at some point.

my machine was working but stopped around the time of the last chromeos update. So sadly I am no longer able to connect.

I posted in the pixelbook support forums and discovered that the android apps are running on a different subnet which is causing the issue … reddit provided a bit more context -

I’d love to have this working if there’s a way forward without expecting a change from Google.

one more … an interesting networking tool was shared on the pixelbook forum called Cog which might help.

just bumping this again … pretty sure this is a Roon fix v the Pixelbook itself. I"m able to run Sonos and see and control my system from the Pixelbook via Android App. While clearly different things, they both would want to use the android networking function to connect to their respective systems.

my Pixelbook can see my Roon server again.

Last night I was fussing around with a few things and actually moved the PC running my core. It’s now running a cleaner ethernet connection vs the wifi / PoE I had previously. I had to manually add the IP but it’s there and I am controlling things from my Pixelbook which is fantastic! I hope it stays …

and gone again …

Any updates here? I just posted a similar thread in ‘Feature Requests’ - a web-based version of Roon would work (which is probably easier said then done).

I’m connected again … I’ve reserved an IP for my server on the network and given it a restart and things seem to have been rediscovered once I directly entered the IP … again.

Hoping that when ChromeOS 64 updates in the next few days that this doesn’t break again.

@Jonathan_Greene Jonathan, Thanks for your efforts with this and keeping everyone updated.

I wasn’t going to go with a Chromebook because of this, but decided that Roon wasn’t enough of a reason to keep me from purchasing the Pixelbook. I did so a few months ago…primarily because running fan-less was far more important and I like Chrome OS (it fits most of my needs) and the portability. I’m probably using my Windows 10 laptop around 10% of my overall time spent on a computer.

I did try loading Roon again but it failed. I have not tried reserving an IP but may do so at some point. I’ve learned to live with running Roon Remote off of my Pixel XL. I rarely need to go to the Windows laptop and when I do so (outside of adjusting settings, etc.) it is mainly for more extensive music searches and sampling.

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I am exactly where you are on this but, and absolutely am happy having a Chromebook instead of a Windows laptop, but that all being said, Roon should get a Chrome option - seems like it shouldn’t be that hard.


totally agree on a chrome option … be great to have a webview … there’s a extension but I was unable to get it loaded or working.

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Yes, it would be terrific if Roon addressed this.

This applies to any Fanless Laptop…but having the dead silent and cool running Pixelbook has been fantastic.

Having my Windows laptop running, while also trying to enjoy music at the same time, is now very distracting.

I’m sure I would adjust, but not having any computer based noise is a luxury worth experiencing and spending the coin for.

I’m really hoping that Roon addresses this - please please please!

And to be clear, there are two easy ways to make this work - either of which would make me very happy:

  1. Chrome browser support

  2. Fix the Android app so that it works properly on a Chromebook


The latest Roon update for Android still doesn’t work. I keep hoping that one of these updates will fix it.

If anyone figures out how to do this please let us know.