Running Roon without WiFi or an Internet Connection

I drive a Tractor Trailer I have a NAS in the truck just wondering if you guy are gonna have a standalone version as i don’t always have WiFi on the road.

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I have Roon running on a Laptop with a hard drive in an icybox on USB3. I could play music from the internal hard drive and play it on the laptop or use a Meridian Explorer type device.
You should be able to do somthing like this. Just a thought, good luck.

Just do all your metadata identification online, and you should be good to run from your truck. You will have to periodically connect via wifi or it’ll log you out after some time, but that time is many weeks.

We are still in the trial of Roon and will be converting. One issue we are having is that it does not seem to run without being connected to the internet. We can have internet spotty at times and I am not sure what you are meaning by make srue all your meta data loaded. This would seem to be problematic if you have to be connected to the internet all the time

@cindy_halunka: I often run without internet. You need occasional internet, and for sure when you login and when you have added new music, but it doesn’t need internet 100% of the time.

Does the liftime license also need occasional connections? What happens when Roon can’t connect? Will it be unusable?

Yes, of course. If it didn’t, that would be a loophole for pirates.

It will log you out of Roon.


Thanks for the explanation. Wouldn’t it be possible to lock it to the hardware so only when something in the configuration changes (eg. because of cloning to a different machine) Roon will ask for Internet.

But does forcing internet connections really help against pirates? Principally they can send the right answer to Roon with a MITM server.

Maybe a countdown for the next connection in the account settings would be nice. So I can plan, when to bring the device to the next access point.

Yes, but that only gets you access to the software. The real value of Roon comes from the “upgrade” in metadata we do, and we won’t send you metadata for new imports unless you are licensed properly.

Can you explain your use case where you are using Roon without internet?

I’m speaking of an already well organized library without new imports or identification.

Until now I have no real usecase for myself, but think of traveling around the world with a NUC in the package, moving to the outbacks or going to a retreat for a longer time.

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