Rural location- investigating why Roon can’t play MQA files

You could always ‘fix’ the reason why Roon can’t play MQA files.

Thanks for your input. You’re assuming I haven’t done any troubleshooting. I live in a rural area with very poor internet connectivity and Roon uses data very aggressively (incoming and outgoing). It demands more of my internet connection streaming just FLAC from TIDAL then the other two applications streaming MQA files. For ROON, I would need to be able to select a lower quality stream.

Tidal app streaming MQA:

Audirvana streaming MQA:

Roon streaming MQA:

Any suggestions?

I knew I’d read something of the issues you had before. So what we are seeing is the two working examples working to USB? Is your Roon core remote or working to USB too?

I feel awkward discussing this here as it is a feature request thread. If you are genuinely interested in helping me out, you can message me. In all three examples I distilled the setup to as basic as possible, Mac Mini core hardwired to the modem/router, no wifi (no remotes), no other devices on the network, Mac mini to usb dac. That’s it.

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If this is repeatable and represent the same track (I have never bothered to check network usage), then maybe it could be worth querying the evidence with Roon @support in case there is a product issue that needs to be investigated.

Yes, same track and consistently repeatable between different tracks. I’ll contact Roon support. Thanks.

No problem. See what Roon have to say. I struggle to see why the core seems to be outputting as much as it is pulling in.

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I’ve split out the posts to their own topic.


I’ve just spot you have created this support topic for this … so I’m closing this one to avoid cross posting.