Same artist listed twice?

I have an artist, Bliss that is listed twice in my library. Two of the three albums I have is listed under the first instance and the remaining album is listed under the other. I checked the meta data of all three albums and the artist matches. Any ideas?

You could try making the Genre tags identical and rescanning, but sometimes the database includes separate entries for the same artist.

At the moment the most we can do is report it in this thread. The Roon guys (@joel in particular) work through these issues with AllMusic gradually in order to solve them.

In future (Roon 1.3), I understand the increased metadata editing will allow us to resolve the same artist/two entries equivalences without having to correct it upstream.

Further to what @andybob said, you can search for the artist and check the discography. I believe there are two Bliss’ and that would confirm that it’s a metadata error that needs to be fixed.

Cheers, Greg

So here is another question then on how Roon handles multiple artists with the same name. If I search for Bliss only 1 artist result is returned. If I click on the artist, I only see 1 of the albums (of 3 I have). Under the Albums section of the search results I see all 3 of the albums. If I click on one of the two albums not listed under the artist search result, then click on Bliss then I will see the remaining two albums. If I go to the Artist view and scroll to Bliss, I see two entries, the first ones shows that I have 3 albums, the second one shows I have 1 album. If I click on the first entry, only 2 albums are shown.

If Bliss is indeed listed as separate entries, why dont the search results return two different artists for Bliss?
Why under Artist view does 1 Bliss artist entry show 3 albums yet only shows 2 albums?