Samplerate and bitrate

AMD Ryzen7 2700X 8 Core Processor/GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/Roon v.1.6(build 401))


Fritz Box 7590, Fritz!WLAN USB Sttick AC 430 MU MIMO


**Pioneer N-50AE with chromecast built in LAN



excuse me if my English isn’t perfect but I’ve got a question concerning the samplerate and bitrate that is shown when a title is played. I own the Pioneer N-50AE and use chromecast built in.
As far as I know with chromecast you can play/stream audio files up to 96kHz/24bit. But when I play a qobuz Hi-Res title in Roon and have a look at the signal path (star next to the title) it says that everything is lossless except Sample Rate Conversion. The converter has downsampled the audio stream in order to maintain compatability with my audio hardware or because of my configuration in DSP. But the Pioneer player is able to accept 96/24 files as well as the chromecast player. And the Sample Rate Conversion is not activated. Taking this into account the question is how andwhy the converter can downsample the audio stream.
When I change the settings and activate Sample Rate Conversion it doesn’t have any effect.
Is it possible that the settings can’t be changed when you use the Pioneer player via chromecast because it’s not supported like T&A and Bluesound devices?

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Reinhard Janzen**


Roon is sending the Pioneer the format the the Pioneer told Roon it can handle. The Pioneer is mis-reporting its capabilities to Roon.

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