Samsung S10 - Crackling and playback failures

i am wondering why playback to the samsung s10 device is randomly stopping after a while and also i am getting lot of cracking sounds during the playback…

Wi Fi interference ?

There are a couple of free WiFi meters on Android , check your house for blind spots

Avoid Cordless phones, Baby Alarms , Microwaves and neighbors

Just a thought

i dont think thats the issue, i am connected via LTE 100/100mbit.

It’s not your external source it’s what your Router > Device is doing

I use an iPad on WiFi to a Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen, using the microwave causes havoc,

Drop outs, track skipping , sound issues , but only while the microwave is actually working

My house has brick walls , the kiss of death for WiFi

what i am saying is that connection to the device is pretty stable as i tested with speedtest.

The output device is sometimes dropping (disappointing) from the roon client … and lot of cracking is there.

I would flag @support

There is a checklist of what kit you are using , Core, Network etc

They should be able to help

what i am saying is once there is dropout … and i open a roon app on s10 dev, the ouput zone (s10) is missing and there is “select zone” and after few seconds s10 is selected automatically… looks like zone is dropping … but why? zone has nothing with remote / core / etc… .

Sounds more like the app itself, I don’t use Android , the latest update zapped my little tablet

I occasionally get this with iOS , answer force close of the app, restart the zone will reappear

Not ideal, follow up with support is my suggestion

I’ve noticed the situation you mentioned with the control device showing Select An Audio Zone then having it connect automatically.

It happens when the Roon core/server loses connection to that zone, for whatever reason, then the zone is selected automatically when the connection is reestablished.

In my case it’s because a family member has selected another activity on the remote (cable TV) and the endpoint has been turned off . When my endpoint powers back up and Roon see it the zone is selected again.

It does sound like a wireless issue as @Mike_O_Neill stated with the S10 losing the connection. And the crackling sound is probably the bad connection.

Hi @John_Smith,

I’ve moved your thread over to the support category. Can you please let me know the following?

  1. What version of Android are you running?

  2. Do you have any DACs connected to your Android when this behavior occurs?

  3. Are you running the latest Roon app version (build 521) on this device?

  4. What is your network setup like, can you list the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear?

  5. What kind of Core do you have - what operating system is it running and how is it connected to the network?

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