Samsung S20 Ultra as my endpoint, the sampling rate is limited to 48kHz. Why?

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TS-453Be, Intel Celeron, 8G RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: Asus AX86U, but using ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Samsung S20 Ultra as the endpoint, using USB connect to Topping EX5 DAC, then RCA to Denon PMA-2000 amplifer

Number of Tracks in Library

Currently, I’ve about 15K tracks in my NAS

Description of Issue

As stated above, I direct my core to play to my endpoint. Then, my S20 sent the signal to DAC. It always shows only 48k, no matter the music is from NAS or Tidal(the format is higher than 48k. Normally, they will be 96k, 192k or above.) What should I do to enhance it? It shows the sample rate conversion was set. But, I didn’t check for this. I did make sure it in my app.

I use uPnP app to do the same. My DAC will show 192kHz for maximum. If I play music direct from my S20 Ultra, I can see 352kHz. So, I conclude my phone didn’t have any constrain. So, it muse be limited from your app.

I don’t know where can I fix it. Please help out.

Use usb audio pro on your phone,looks like android os problem

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Thanks. But, as I stated, I connect to DAC directly, using Tidal app, I can get 352k Hz. S20 Ultra doesn’t need to use USB Audio Pro can deliver 352k Hz directly. If I use S21, then I need to use USB Audio Pro to get the same sampling rate.

By the way, can Roon work with USB Audio Pro?

No it cannot.

Roon only supports native Andorid audio mixer and the rates the phone advertises to it. It doesn’t support connected dacs. This was a chosen route for greater compatibility across the Android eco system. It a limitation that’s been requested to be lifted a lot if you search you will find feature requests for such I suggest you and your vote.

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