Scanning Process when starting Roon

Each day when I start Roon a scanning process of all my Nas and directories starts.
This might take up to 30 minutes or more.

I want to find a possibility to turn that off, because it blocks my whole system and turn it on only after I added new music into a directory.
How can I turn that process on and off?

That’s incredibly slow and doesn’t sound right unless the nas is flea powered. What nas are you using and are you connected via gigabit Ethernet? What is RoonServer running on and is the database on SSD?

I have 4 nas, 3 qnap 431 and 1 qnap 419 MKII. All is connected via gigabyte Ethernet.
Roonserver is a Win PC, Intel7, Database is on a SSD.
My tech setup is fine.
As I have a huge database, I just want to find a way to turn that initial scanning process on and off at my will.
I would like to have it run only when I add new music.
And I dont operate Tidal.

So you have four NAS. Do you have them connected as 4 watched folders or are you watching several folders within each NAS separately?

I watch several different folders per Nas.
But thats not the problem:
I would like to know if that scanning process can be turned on and off.

The short answer is there isn’t anything to stop the startup scan at present. We are trying to help you and scanning multiple nas’ concurrently could well be the problem iro saturating your network bandwidth.

Nevertheless, how large is your music collection?

Don’t turn the core off would be my suggestion. With 4 NAS units running I don’t expect keeping a core running would be much extra burden.

Depending on library size maybe run the core on one of the NAS if any are sufficiently spec’d.

the other option is to leave Roon running.

I would imagine that on start-up Roon has to check that the data is has indexed previously in remote locations is still there or it could really run into problems.


I know that the scanning process is saturating my bandwith.
I think that is the problem.
That’s why I wanted to turn off the scanning process when all the scanning is done once.
And just turn it on when needed on some directories.
The Qnap 431 Nas are equipped with an ARM-Cortex-A9-Dual-Core-1,2-GHz-Prozessor.
Basically they are not strong enough to run Roon core.

Building a seperate Roon Core server is what I am thinking about now, if that process of scanning cant be turned off manually.
One that runs 24/7.

What size library are you scanning ? This will guide what server to consider. Plenty of posts about hardware via search.
Very unlikely that scan will be user toggled IMHO. Just too much risk in getting into a mess with the core database.

Database size is just over 550k tracks, split up into about 100 different directories on 4 nas.

:dizzy_face: are you running the back-up server for TIDAL?

550K tracks, impressive! But with such a library size, I am almost inclined to conclude that the scan time is to be expected.

The only reason the scan times are so long is because the NAS’ are flea powered and the network is possibly being saturated. My startup scan takes less than 20 secs when I’ve rebooted or restarted the i5…my library size is around 60% that of @miklats, Roon Server is running on an i5 using Arch Linux and files are hosted locally.

I started to rip my CD’s and to buy online music back in 2005.
I bought my first music from Linn. They sold an entire nas with their 24bit music.
There was no Tidal or Quobuz available back then.
I am not very sure if I would collect all music again with the availibilty of Tidal integrated into Roon.
Now it is what it is and I want to optimize my setup as much as possible.
The arrival of Roon is a very huge step forward, which enflamed my enthusiasm for my music collection again.

That’s great and exactly what the Roon guys hope for…a great experience.

As your library is on the large side, you do have to give the system the best shot at coping with it all. I would seriously consider a fairly decent core unit ( e.g. NUC or similar dedicated small form processor with a very fast m.2 SSD card for the data base.)

Just as a final question…have you added 100 folders as separate watched folders or do the nest into a few parent folders ?

They are seperate watched folders. Example Jazz HD contains Jazz HD Sax and Jazz HD Piano etc…
The initial database design dates back many years. I basically know the content of each folder. Because with the earlier program breed like foobar, jriver etc you have to now yourself where to find an artist, an album etc…
That has changed with Roon. I would set it up nowadays totally different.

How many watched folders? If it’s really a lot that could be causing your issues.

96 folders

For me not solvable problems at this moment are:

  1. Natural Network Speed Limitation. Roon uses the bandwith to the max for that scanning process at the beginning after turning on the setup.
  2. The processors in the nas are not powerfull enough.

So, there are two bottlenecks which cant be overcome easily.