Scanning tracks

Hi, Can someone tell me if Roon needs to scan tracks ( in my case about 65000 on my nas), every time I start it up. The little disc is spinning in the upper right hand corner for a least 30 minutes at the start of each session . I’m reasonably sure this can impact on playing larger files , 24/192, dsd’s while the scanning is in progress. Is there a setting I can tweek? Does scanning only need to be done when new music is added to my library?

Personally my core (server) on w10pro runs 24/7 so I would see this happening seldom, but it will from time to time happen I guess as roon does its housekeeping too.

If you are not running your core 24/7 perhaps you have a valid reason not to do so…but I would speculate that 90%+ people here run it as a server should be…24/7/365

Core is on Mac bookpro which is used for other purposes and moved. Hence the inability to leave on 24/7. Not an uncommon situation , I would think. Just wondering if roon is meant to rescan on every startup or whether there is a problem .

For a MacBook pro perhaps not uncommon to be moved about but not common for a music server application installation perhaps.

Why does Roon perform a complete rescan everytime it is opened? Any ideas?

Because that’s the way the developers have programmed it to work.

There are other threads on this that you can maybe post in or perhaps someone can move/merge this to one of them.


Roonserver (or Roon if run in a server role) has maintenance it does every time it is started. For example, I think, it verifies that all the files that exist in its database are still at that location.

Ok. Thanks. Yes, I’ve checked other threads but couldn’t find answer I was after. As initially stated, roon rescans my entire music library every restart. Takes about 30 minutes at least to complete. That’s not an issue except with my setup, audio playback is affected with certain files during this process. I guess it’s a hardware issue my end.
Thanks again

@James_O_Brien, I dont think is a hardware issue but maybe a miss understanding of what a server application does and why is called “server”. Can you move it to a system that can be allways on? Or maybe split the librarys?

Thanks Fernando. Thanks for the thread link. Explained a lot. As I need the Macbookpro for other uses I will probably make moves to have another setup in place to allow server to be on 24/7 as suggested. Maybe sonic transporter/microrendu option.

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Your Welcome.
Good idea and you are definitely going down the right road. Both are good options.
My Honest opinion, I think you can get more out of the sonic transporter…

Good luck!

Thanks again Fernando. If I keep the macbookpro in the system, I would only need the sonictransporter. If I remove the macbookpro from the system, I would need the sonictransporter/ microrendu combination? Is that correct?( I realise the microrendu far outperforms the MBP in sound experience). I get mixed up with a music server and a music player sometimes. I assume either the macbookpro or the microrendu perform the music player tasks. Again , is this correct

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The MicroRendu is just a music endpoint with capability’s to receive streams from different server applications.

The Sonic Transporter is going to be your Roon Server. Anything capable of running the Roon Bridge/Client can become an endpoint IE: MicroRendu or your Macbook Pro laptop even…

You could save money and buy a HiFiBerry which can be as good or better as a MicroRendu.


You can install DietPi and of you go :smiley:


Thanks again Fernando, I’ll check out the Hifi berry.:grinning::+1:

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A few months down the track. Still have same setup at present. Now whenever I need to restart Roon, it takes hours to rescan my library from scratch.I can’t access albums till they have been scanned.EVERYTIME. I don’t know why this is happening. If this is how roon is meant to work, it realy means anyone who doesn’t have a system on 24/7 with roon running is out of luck.
Surely I’m not the only one who has roon core on a macbookpro which needs to be moved a few times a week ( or more), for other purposes. Does it mean one needs to spend hundreds ( or thousands) of dollars on others boxes ( sonic transporters/ microrendu etc), to prevent roon starting from scratch everytime my macbook pro is restarted?
Am I doing something wrong. Any help or comments appreciated.

James one thing that comes to mind to re mention is that Roon is a Client Server based model, and Servers by definition are meant to be on and stable and available as and when they need to be accessed - this means they do the housekeeping in the background all the time. Perhaps this in not the best model in you case to be supported in your setup.

Maybe ROCK is better suited to your mobility needs now that it is available for your current setup to change, Or maybe you can consider running Roon Server on your NAS (not sure what the model is as you didn’t say) but I don’t think the Roon C/S model is going to be changing.

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Thanks again Wizard.Although I have run roon since it’s early days I guess I didn’t realise from the outset that it is problematic to run roon on a laptop which is used for other purposes and consequentially may need to be shut down/ moved at times. For the first few years I didn’t seem to have these issues so much.
I still am unsure as to why, in these situations, my library has to be completely rescanned over usually many hours before roon runs smoothly again. I would have thought the library index/catalogue would be saved somewhere in the programme and only a quick rescan to see if anything new music has been added would be the way to go.
When finances allow, I will get a sonic transporter/ microrendu, or the new roon equivalent ( expensive). I’m not up to building my own box using rock.
On another note, do you know the advantage of the new roon box over the sonic transporter?
Thanks again

James I think others will probably best chime in on the ST/uR front as I have no experience with them. One other option depending on the size and any DSP needs go is to look at a platform you might be less traumatised by (if DIY hardware is not your thing) and that could be as simple as a MacMini with SSD and a network connection…small uncomplicated and an OS that your perhaps less wary of in terms of day to day use…but just run this as a server (using the Roon server DMG) and use screen sharing to manage it once setup with a TV and Kbd/Mouse . Assuming you are not needing DSP upsampling in the DSD256/512 realm an medium spec MM might be a good option.

If you have an Apple shop in your vicinity or can order online then you could try this within the 14 day apple return policy no questions asked and see how it goes. Even an apple refurb unit with SSD and 8GB should be ok just don’t get the lower end model. Min i5 and SSD 256 and 8GB ram.

Always more than one way to skin a cat so speak tho I find that odd that anyone one might want to skin a cat, but I digress.

Thanks again Wizard. I had a wonderful friend who sadly passed away last year. He was a " wizard" in terms of computer audio with a myriad of wonderful high end components and was my go to person. He really set me up. I will have to look into what the whole dsp thing really means. I have around 1000 24bit albums and a dozen or so dsd 64 and 128, out of a totlal of around 5000+ albums all up .
Thanks for the great advice again

James the whole ROCK think might still be your best bet if you can read though the Install guide and get a handle on it. Then there is always Nucleus if you really want the fully hands off approach.

There are many here that can help, the RoonLabs Gurus of course but the end user community here ROCKs too.