Schiit Bifrost vs Topping D90

Holy Moly, nice site, now for the numbers.

I tried D90 and Ares II and found Ares II to be more pleasing to my ear. D90 had a shrill top end that caused listening fatigue for me. I have Klipsch Heresy IV speakers that are very dynamic, so D90 might work great on more warm speakers.

If you listen to Tidal a lot and like MQA format then D90 is great also.

I just preferred Ares II as it was more simple to use and sounded more “natural”.

If you don’t need the headamp then the SMSL SU9 is a great DAC.

Thanks for the tip. Looks like a nice DAC and the price is right too

Found a used Bifrost, saved and its smooth sailing, transforming my power FET’s into warm el34 tubes. Bingo!

Holy Moly! purchased that used Bifrost 2. Its made one heck of a improvement to Roon’s input. Absolutely fantastic sound stage!!! Its turning my head! Yes; Its happiness to hear something new. I never felt like this. Extremely pleased! If this is a cheap dac I can’t imagine what the top of line sound like. My large mono block power amps use FET’s and the Bifrost 2 transforms them into a clean EL34 tube sound. What the heck! Warm regards with no hum! As Myron would say “Double Wow”! Hands up and down to the engineer’s who designed this DAC. Not sure how they found it, but; They hit the electrons in the middle of the head on both sides of the sine wave.

Got mine! It’s crazy! Yes what i was missing! Sound stage is incredibly strong. Feel like I’m up front in Ronnie scott’s!

Wow! I am glad you are really liking it and that is it working so well in your set up!