Scrolling through album cuts but not playing any of them

I’ve encountered something I’ve never seen with Roon. There is no sound when I hit play and instead the name of each song on the album appears in order for about 4 seconds. This has continued for two days and rebooting everything has not fixed the problem. Has anyone experienced this?

Can you let us know a little more about your setup @Kerry1?

Synology 415+ NAS drive with 3,000 albums connected through wireless router to MacBook Pro connected to dCS Vivaldi DAC with iPad Air 2 as the remote. Also have Tidal streaming. Everything is the latest version. Instead of the bar moving across from left to right when I hit play, nothing happens and instead there is a purple diamond that blinks to the right and then it scrolls through the names of each track on the album, each one lasts for about 4 seconds until the next track name appears. I was enjoying 1.2 but now I get no music at all`

Hello @Kerry1,

Can you playback to your DAC with any other software?
Have you tried to power on/off your DAC?
Does Roon display an error message while skipping the tracks?
Can you please make sure that no other app, which can interact with your DAC, is running alongside with Roon ?

Thanks in advance.