Search (Build 884) Beethoven Symphony 2 - poor results

When I search for “Beethoven Symphony 2” I get an unacceptable result for the top result: (I expect the composition)

and in the first set of compositions offered: (none of them are for the composition)

and only 4 of the first 6 albums offered match acceptably:

This is not an obscure, tricky, ambiguous or esoteric search. “Beethoven Symphony 6” works fine and as I would expect.

Results are vastly different here in Germany with local and Qobuz content

clicking the first in above list gives

and then scrolling down ab bit I see

Couldn’t be any more different!
I’m curious as to what causes that - @support?

The search drop down I get is completely wide of the mark. I have Qobuz too, and possibly half a dozen or more versions of Beethoven Symphony 2 in my own library.

Would be good to get an answer from @support. It’s not the only search fail of that type I have posted about since 880.

I’d recommend to upload your logs to speed up response…

Post here


That thread was initiated by Brian whose post included a statement
“will be able to iterate with the community more rapidly as feedback comes in”

I posted in that thread three weeks ago that I was getting poor results with a similar search to the one I have.instanced in this current thread, but I haven’t had any response. Indeed I’d forgotten I’d posted there as it has been so long. I’ve provided decent, considered, evidenced feedback, including praise as well examples of failure. I would just like for Roon to “iterate with the community more rapidly” as promised. Hence this post.

Have all of you checked the setting of the “Only complete recordings” switch ?

What switch? I see no such switch.

BTW- I get similar results. For some of the Beethoven symphonies my first results are other Beethoven works, like piano Sonatas. For other Symphonies the correct results is either the first one or one of the first ones.
This is definitely something to be improved. A common search like that for something in the library should always give the right result.

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Have you checked how this search works? The “Only complete recordings” switch is only relevant in the compositions view. To get to that view you have to find the composition. The point of my post was that Roon does not find the composition in the first place.

Thanks for corroborating. I get excellent results from symphony 5 up, but below that get sonatas, or piano concertos.

I just don’t understand what effects the different search results we are getting?

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Hi Jez,
from which site of roon did you start your query?

If you want to find a special work, like “Beethoven Symphony No. 2”, please start from the page “compositions”. Here you can use filters to find what ever you want.

For example: Composer = “Schubert” + Compositions = “Symph” (all symphonies)
OR Composition = “C minor” = all pieces in c minor
OR Form = “Concerto” + Period = “Post-Romantic” + Composition = “Cello”

You have to know, that on the “HOME” page the query is searching high and low. Therefore Roon offers results for a lot of categories like “Artists”, “Albums”,“Tracks”, “Genres” and Live Radio, too.

All results of a retrieval on HOME are not (!) specific.

So, if you combine more items in your search string, then the connection of these items is similar to OR - variable - and not exclusively AND !!

The so-called “Top result” on HOME is something like an offer of the “AI algorithm”. It can be an unforeseeable result. It is the same category like “Top Performers” or “Top Conductors” on other pages. In each case the results come from the AI algorithm and look like a miracle sometimes.

In summery:

  • If your search is specific please start from the pages “Artists” / “Tracks” / “Composers” / “Compositions”;

  • If you want to see, what you can get from all fields of your library, then you can use the (unspecific) filter on the HOME page and you should take potluck. :wink: (for example try “Norwegian”)

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Hi @le_rob, thank you for your input. Unfortunately you do not seem to have read my post. As you can see from it, I was using the search box at the the top right hand of the screen. The alternative strategy you propose is not generally useful because I am a Qobuz user, and your strategy would only search my library. Plus it doesn’t find the composition, it just plays performances in my library. Plus it is tedious for a simple search of this nature. Plus there’s no good reason why a search in the search box shouldn’t work.“Beethoven Symphony 5” works fine, “Beethoven Symphony 2” doesn’t.

@jez has been around long enough to know these techniques, he is specifically referring to the use of the search box as a quick way to get to a work.

Roon has many ways of “skinning a cat” . The ongoing work on the search engine has neeed examples of where the current engine fails

It’s a long saga :smiling_imp:

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Hi Jez,
Sure, I have read your post and I used the search box at the top right hand of the screen, too. With this method I am getting similar results as you, althoug I have more than 20 recordings of this composition in my library.

One day it looks like this

On another day like this

There are other examples: Searching for “Haydn Symphony 41”

Searching for “Haydn Symphony 12”


I know realy a lot of these examples. But you are right, more often the results of the search are ok .

My conclusion is: the retrieval with the magnifying glass does not use the Boolean operation AND.

Recommandation: We should write a feature request. Roon should give us the option to start an EXACT search or to set a “STRIKT” filter.