Search displays unrelated results to query

I have an artist in my library called Ren. When I search for him (using either Ren, or Ren followed by a space) I get the following:

If I click on ‘See all results’ I get the following:

If I click on MORE (artists) I get a list of 80 artists, all of whom share the same first name of Ben. Ren is nowhere to be found. However, if I search for Renn (a deliberate misspelling) he’s right at the top of the list.

I appreciated that Roon is probably trying to take account of typos - “surely he means Ben, not Ren” - but that doesn’t explain why he isn’t found unless I misspell his name.


The inconsistencies are so very weird. I just tried, the only somewhat strange result is the second-to-last tag, but it does contain only one album, which is Random Access Memories (and I have been noticing lately that sometimes Roon is now trying to do a bit fuzzy search)

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A bit? In this case it’s all fuzz :slight_smile:

After seeing your screen grab I tried a few other spellings:

rena returns the following. Note that Renaud Garcia-Fons is missing.

But if I search for renau he appears:

Something is seriously messed up with search.

Definitely the word but which meaning of it!!

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The inconsistencies are so weird

In your case yes, but in my case showing one results that starts with Ran (that I have in my library / tagged) when starting to type Ren is exactly what I’d expect fuzzy search to do. (I’m not generally a fan of fuzzy search because I can type, but people want it)

But without kidding, recently I had the odd typo where I am quite sure that a few months ago I would have got nothing and now it had some reasonable fuzzy results

Worked for me. Like here for instance: Roon search extremely slow - how to fix it? BUILD 1353 - #636 by Suedkiez

But like I said, I am not much into fuzzy search and don’t know why on Google I have to keep double-quoting things just because other people can’t type. Just give me what I say, I know how to write it :slight_smile:

It’s very broken can’t find this album

Here it is Roon

While I can’t find Ren, Four Calendar Cafe is exactly where it’s supposed to be:

I don’t understand why a specific search will work for one person but be completely useless for another.

EDIT: Just noticed that I missed out the hyphen, but even with it included it still works as expected.

It’s Roon, its logic never makes sense. I really feel they are just overcomplicating search. It used to work far better until they started meddling with it. It had its issues before but never this bad. Feels like CDN issues not syncing something.

I can find Ren easily.

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Two further observations: I can find Ren using the funnel on My Artists.

And when I enter now enter Ren into the search box, just a couple of hours after my first attempt, I get quite different results. Nothing in my library has changed, so why have the results?

You have the red triangle of death on your screen. That means it’s not connecting to Roons servers properly. Metadata improver issue.Reboot.

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Four calendar cafe works
Four calender cafe does not work
I have only just noticed that, at long last, Roon Search is allowing for some obvious typos (it always seemed to want exact spellings)
So whilst “songs for big chair” and “songs from the bog chair” produce tears for fears “songs from the big chair” album at top of the list the search doesn’t recognise the common miss-spelling of calender at least in this context.
Still from my perspective this is still way better than I have seen before . How long has search been dealing with at least some typos?

I don’t know how long but like I wrote above I’ve noticed it as well. Gut feeling is a month or two but hard to say as I don’t search so much, don’t typo much, and it’s probably changing gradually I’d guess

Thanks for that @Suedkiez - weird that Roon has not announced anything(or at least not that I have spotted)
I know people’s views on this will vary but I personally am glad that at least some typo error is dealt with now

That would be the first place to look if it were up to me :slight_smile: .

Or, as @Suedkiez implies, some sort of anomaly with the SQL; for instance, some error in the way a command like upper - perhaps when combined with trim - has been implemented…?

I have found that frank Z will return frank zappa and the mothers but not frank zappa. Typing in full frank zappa will return frank zappa.

Fuzzy beyond words!

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They explained in the long-running search improvement thread a year or more ago that generally there’s a lot of work going on for search improvements, and people on the forum have been asking since then why so little is changing or getting worse. I guess maybe it’s just a lot of work to do. And as it’s all in the cloud I think they are going to make incremental changes, experiment with this and that, without necessarily making big announcements about everything.

I also get albums by them all.

I get same as you. But I imagine some expect Zappa to be ahead of the other choices it’s put before him that don’t match Frank z. Mines in a different order and added some you don’t have .