Search idiosyncrasy - Tidal Albums vs Tidal Main Albums

I’m getting odd results on some searches. It may be down to my inexperience in Roon. Appreciate it if you could shed some light:
If I search for Jethro Tull and then scroll down the page to Tidal Albums > View All, it does not show the specific album I am browsing for (A Little Light Music).
However, if, rather than scrolling down to Tidal Albums, I first click on Top Result (=Jethro Tull) it takes me to the Jethro Tull artist page and if I scroll down on that page to Tidal Main Albums > View All Main Albums it shows the album I’m looking for, and many more besides.
What’s going on? The album “A Little Light Music (Live)” shows Jethro Tull as primary artist in credits, so I would assume it would show on the first search.

Also, on a slightly different issue, the album “A Little Light Music (Live)” has no review info. However, “A Little Light Music” does have a review on the AllMusic site. I believe they are the same album. Thoughts?


Search results are going to match to the words “Jethro Tull” so you’ll get some of their albums, as well as albums on which they are featured (like compilations), as well as albums like “A Tribute To Jethro Tull”, which may not actually feature any performances from the band themselves.

If you want a comprehensive overview of Jethro Tull, you’ll want to visit their artist page, where the music will all have a connection to the band themselves, as opposed to text matches to “Jethro” or “Tull” or “Jethro Tull”.

If everything works as expected, the band’s detail page should be “Top Result” when you land on the search results page.

Yup, this is a bug – an equivalence bug to be exact. @joel and I will take a look.

Thanks for the report!

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Hi, Mike

Sorry, I’m still unclear about the difference in searches.
Let me re-phrase that… completely confused!

In the first case, are you saying that “Jethro Tull” has to be in the album Title to appear in that search? There are lots of Tull albums showing in the Tidal Albums view that do not have Tull in the title, but have Tull referenced in, for example, the Credits.
However, that is also the case with the “Light Music” album I referred to. i.e. Tull is in the credits but not in the title. So why does it appear in the Tidal Main Albums, but not in the Tidal Albums view?