Search in Fix Track Grouping?[Answered]

Using Build 128 on OSX.

Just found out that the Fix Track Grouping function is somehow not showing what it is supposed to. I cannot merge two separated tracks of a single albums as before. Could you check and fix it?

The problem is that I cannot search tracks to merge. This is a screen I see:

We may add searching capabilities back into this screen in the future, but for now you need to select what you want to merge first, then click Edit > Merge

Well, there is no such thing as “Merge”. Please provide a clear instruction. Thanks.

Hi Andrew,

Display the two or more albums that contain the tracks you want to merge. Then right click each album (or long press) to select them. You will see Edit at the top right of the screen. After you press Edit, you should see Merge Albums.

Hope that works.

Cheers, Greg

OK. The right click was the trick. Thanks!

Sorry if i should be creating a new topic here.

Is this still the case in 1.3? I have a compilation that is not grouped and I can not for the life of me find a merge option or understand the edit options. One issue is that it’s SUPER hard to select multiple ‘albums’ (actually tracks, but classed as albums, the issue i’m trying to solve). After a dozen or tries i was able to select multiple albums but couldn’t find a merge option. I tried a few times again (this is on a mac book) but it’s so frustrating i’ve given up on that.

Give this a read a read, and let us know if you’re still stuck @Greg_Hill1.


Thanks for the incredibly fast response. I managed to work it out- it was the slow, long press on the track pad needed to select multiple that was the stumbling block. I work on a MacBook pro all day, and have for years but somehow have never encountered that trackpad behavior.

anyway thanks again for the quick response.

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