Search input gives a 'kick out' (ejected out of Roon on all my devices). I have to restart every time

Roon Core Machine

Roon core nucleus
Roonversion 2.0 (build 1223)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wifi/Ethernet 400 megabit /sec

Connected Audio Devices

Problem happens also without connection (directly from Roon Core)
Client MacBook Pro OS Ventura 13.2.1
Ipad pro OS 16.2

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’m kicked out of Roon when I put a specific search text in.
The full text is : Cantigas de Santa Maria.
Unfortunately after typing the text Cantigas de Sant and adding de 'a) to ‘Sant’ I’m ejected out of Roon.
Seem like I kind of overflow (?).
Hereby a printscreen before the kick out

![Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 13.37.37|367x500](upload://5XS8PhMOR1kBFX8ooabmMuahvyE.jpeg)

Kind regards,

Hi Marc,

I tried your example and it worked for me.

See Below

Try rebooting the Core and the Client and see if that clears things up. It might be some regional issue as I am in the US. @Geoff_Coupe

I can reproduce the issue when typing the search term.
If I copy and paste the full search term it works.

Location: Germany.
Nucleus rev b with 16 GB RAM

It’s the same for me, Germany, immediately after typing the second a of Santa the app freezes, getting unresponsive, and must be force closed.
But very strange, when I copy the text and paste it in the search box, it goes without any problems, everything is displayed correctly and is playable.

S21 Ultra, i7 Nuc, Rock

Hi, thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately reboot doesn’t help (power off neither). When I copy paste it the search field it works (?!)

Hi Uli,
It works also when I copy and paste it in the search field. Strange !

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There are quite a few phrases that causes similar behaviour:

It works fine if you “type fast” , but allow for the “hints” to populate and the client crashes…

I am a fellow user like yourself so I cannot comment “for real”, I can only speculate. This issue was seen in another thread with another search term, “Aerials”.

The other thread is linked below if you want to read it. There is already a ticket in for that, and I would assume that whatever bug is causing one is probably causing all the same symptoms.

I tried also ‘Aerials’ and I’m ejected out of Roon. Strange problem……

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