Search on ipad: cannot clear search box without backspacing to delete each of the letters

No, you are wrong, or at least you are on my iPad. If you start typing it simply adds the letters to the end of the previous search. And if you press the ‘x’ which is the usual way to clear a box of text, it actually closes the search box completely.

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On my iPad if I search for Bach, up comes Bach the composer. If I go into the search box again, Bach is still there and I have to backspace it out or tap it and Select all to get it highlighted. The ‘x’ just closes the window. This is not good. This must be a bug for @support. But if I click on any of the results of the search like Bach’s face, then go into search again, the search box is cleared. And while I was just fiddling with this, the whole magnifying glass/ tag/my icon top row just disappeared and I couldn’t get back to it without restarting the app. But I can’t repeat this.

If this is how its designed its a poor design choice honestly. As I have mentioned in my original post I have never come across any apps which exhibit this behaviour with a search box.

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I also got the disappearing magnifying glass and search box. I had to restart app to bring it back. This has happened a few times. I think it has to be a bug.

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Or to make it short: Its a „one-size-fits-all“ product.

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Jack of all, master of none.

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This is incorrect. There are examples including Apple’s Spotlight Search.

This is incorrect. Spotlight does not have an „X“ pretending to clear the box.


Spotlight search in MacOS or iOS? In Mac OS there is no cross in the search box at all. So the argument does not apply.

In iOS it behaves as it should. The cross clears the text and does not close the search. Not sure which iOS version has the behaviour you refer to.

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You said “on any UI”. This is incorrect.

Regarding iOS, you only need to use delete if you typed an incorrect search; that is what I would expect. When clicking on a search result the search box is cleared.

It‘s really UX Design 1.0.1. Suprised we need to discuss this for ages. It just needs fixing either way. Either have it auto clear and get rid of the „X“ or have the „X“ behave the way an „X“ behaves anywhere in the software world (and in Roon btw).


I also think it is a bug

There are advantages in leaving the search text in the box, you might want to make it more or less restrictive, depending on the results, or edit a typo. But an X that doesn’t X is just not right.

And I’d also like to see a much longer search box. I can’t be the only person left who can type several whole words.

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Can you then give some examples which stack up? Because your Apple spotlight one definitely does not.

Looking again on Windows 10, the x does close down the search box. The difference is that as soon as you start typing the previous search goes away and you are typing a new search. Maybe ios does not allow this functionality?

Seems the filter box has the same idiosyncrasy as the search box.

How very frustrating.

There is a work around on the filter box: simply close the filter box and reopen it and the filter box is empty. On the search box this does not happen. If it did that could be the solution.

Roon are at least looking at this issue, although no guarantees:

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@SimplicityCompass I think that Roon have misunderstood the complaint here. The author of the linked post thinks the issue is that the search box is too small for longer artist names. The issue is that the search box does not clear when you initiate a new search.

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Thanks, I’m glad to see Roon have responded to your concern.

In that thread, I linked to other topics that provided a wider context (including this one) to the issue. I assumed from the second post from Roon that they understood that the issues were related.