Search tracks results limited to 50 tracks

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Happy user, however…Search of local music tracks based on character match works fine but the results displayed are limited to 50 tracks, no matter what criteria i use. Is this always a hard limit or is there a setting i am missing.


I may have discovered my own solution: start with tracks list, and use the filter icon to input the search text. This appears to utilize the desired result.

When using Search there’s a hard limit of 50 results from the local library for reasons I don’t know about. As you’ve already figured out to get all possible local results for a certain category (albums, tracks, …) you need to use the other means Roon provides - like using the funnel filter in the respective category. :slight_smile:

BTW I’ve asked for a change to this behaviour but it’s not looking like it’s of much interest.

One other thing can also help. If you know more about the title/album/artist and want to find it in Tidal, for instance, include part of the title and some of the album or artist. The more you put into the search, generally, the better.
The Search function leaves a lot to be desired, so its helpful to know some workarounds. The filter icon is quite helpful, but I’ve found that sometimes running a search and applying a filter won’t find what I want. I’m presuming this is because the filter works on a limited queue of hits in the initial search, rather than filtering all possible hits.

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