Searching Returns Error

When I search on “melancholia” I get eight displayed hits, all tracks from various albums. But when I click on “See All Results”, I get":


Looks like a bug to me.

This has been discussed on the forums before. It seems to happen from time to time. I believe that the good people at RoonLabs are aware of it.

Well, as long as they’re aware of it… :slight_smile:

These are some relevant threads:

Have you tried restarting the server?

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Yes. No change.

Very weird, i can search for “melancholia” and find results.
However, if i try and find “mfsl” my search fail (“cannot connect…”)

LOL, my results are inverted: melancholia fails, mfsl succeeds.

BTW, I’m using v1436 if that interests anyone. And I have rebooted my server (but not reinstalled).

Melancholia works for me as well :man_shrugging:

I’ve been experiencing the same error / behavior of late as well…

for example, when I search for ‘Autumn Leaves’ i see:

If I just hit return expecting to see them all, I get:

I rebooted as well as swapped out my existing bit file with the new one as suggested, and that really didn’t do much


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll have a look at it imminently.

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Could you check again please? We just pushed a fix.

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Those three searches (mfsl, melancholia and autumn leaves) now all seem to be working, thanks.


Yep, issue seems fixed! Thanks!