Seems so simple, I'm embarrassed to ask

When I go to My Albums, the list is almost arranged by “Artist”. I want the default to always be by
“Date Added”. Is there a way to make that view my default?

Roon remembers where you left it.

I wish…but thats not the case. I very rarely use by artist, but its almost always what I find when I go back.

It’s been a bug for an embarrassingly long time, you aren’t wrong it just doesn’t work.


That’s interesting. I always sort Albums By Artist but I tried setting it by date and after I closed Roon and opened it again it had gone back to sorting by Artist exactly as you described.

I love the name of this topic - feel like it should become a regular thing. Basically a safe place to ask “dumb” questions without fear of being chided.


Everywhere on the gorum “should” be.
Goodness knows I forget stuff.


It’s a bit odd…I’m not a new user by any means. It’s been bugging me for a long time…just never
got around to posting the question.

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Have no idea why there are differences but I have to side with @Jim_F, this one remembers where it was after cycling.


Same for me as for @Jim_F and @Mike_LC - Roon remembers where it was after a restart. It might be worth reposting in #support to see if they can shed any light on this.

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Same here, Roon remembers where I set it. For me the setting is sticky.

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And yet as I posted earlier, for me it’s also not sticky. Not important to me as I sort by Artist but it does show that the problem for the OP isn’t a one off problem.

For me, it is sometimes sticky and sometimes not. I do wish they would fix it or provide a method to select a default. But, it’s not that big of a deal either way….

It’s probably relevant to give some details of the particular setup that’s being used. For example, my ROCK/NUC Core is on 24/7, but some of my Roon devices are not. The individual sort setting is sticky on all of my devices. However, I have seen the setting revert to “Artist” when (some?) new builds are installed.


Interesting. I’ll have to check whether mine retains settings on restart. My core is set to restart daily at 3 a.m. after running database backups.

Update: Changed library display on both Core and Remote, rebooted my Core and settings on both Core and Remote were unchanged.

In my experience the setting persists sometimes but not others. I posted this is the beta forum, but no response from Roon. Someone else posted that they had the same problem.

I guess it’s annoying but in context it’s easier than rewinding a cassette with a pencil.


Sticky for me too. As Geoff noted above it will “lose” memory after an upgrade

Exactly that in my case too, ONLY when a new build is installed do they revert to artist.
All stay at date added no matter how many times power cycled.

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