"Select All" does not select all albums when Roon window is not maximized [Resolved]

While the original complaint (search result > view all albums > select all) seems to be fixed with B500, the second case about the use of select all directly in the search result still selects only the first 4 results (and thus even deselecting the initial selection if it was not one of the first 4) still persists.

Hi @BlackJack,

Can you please provide some more context/reproduction steps? I tried the following but it seems to be working for me:

  1. Search for “Queen”
  2. Right-click and select one of the albums
  3. Click on the drop-down of “1 selected” and press “Select All”

Are you using a different set of steps? I’m on Windows 10 x64 Core, what OS are you on?

Exactly this steps. Linux (Windows x64 build of Roon).

I just tried on Windows x64 client + ROCK Core & on Windows x64 All-in-one (all on b500), not seeing this on my end.


I can check in with QA, but is there anything else I need to reproduce this?

This seems to be a crazy one as it depends on the window size. Came to this while looking at your screenshots. :thinking:

Please run Roon windowed with minimum window size (Windows won’t let you drag it any smaller; on Linux I usually drag it to a really small size, close Roon and start it again; it should then restore it’s size to minimum – 1024 x 768 inner size of window) and try again. You should then see what I see. In full screen (F11), maximized or when I drag the window significantly wider (making it only higher won’t change behavior), then I see what you showed.

I have been able to reproduce this issue, it was dependent on the Window size.
I will put in a ticket for tracking this issue, thanks again for the report!

Also confirmed for Android (landscape UI) builds. Can’t confirm for portrait UI because my phone only shows two albums there.
This makes me also believe, that it’s most-likely tied to aspect ratio rather than actual screen size.

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Hello @BlackJack,

We’ve recently released Roon 1.7 (Build 521) which includes changes that should improve this behavior. Please give it this a try and let us know how it goes!

You can read the full release notes here:

The Team at Roon Labs

This works now as expected on my end.

Thanks for fixing.

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