Selection on location fails [Resolved after fresh install]

it seems I f*d up.
I learned a trick to focus on location, and play files from that location only. Worked like charm.
Now I recently ejected some storage from my NAS after making an external backup, and ejected my external SSD instead.
So I reconnected, but I had to re-scan everything.
Since then I’m having multiple issues. This one is that I can still make a bookmark for focus on location, but when I play all, Roon plays verything, including stuff that’s not on that location.
How to fix?


I’m assuming that the Roon Core was running when you ejected the SSD so there’s a risk the Roon database may have been corrupted.

Do you have a Roon DB backup that you could restore?

If not then you may have to reinstall Roon from scratch including the DB. I’ll tag @support to see what they recommend.

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tx for getting back quickly.
No, I have no backup, and yes it was running. Double whammy.
So will select a proper time for a new install from scratch.

I did a fresh install, works fine. Or at least as good as it was. No more album art confusion. No more Blues for Billie.

Hi @Egbert_Braam ---- Based on your post, I agree with @Carl 's comment, and fear that DB could’ve become corrupted based on the performed action(s).

If you have further problems, we can certainly take a look at your logs to try and make this determination.

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