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Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

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I am planning to add this Soundbar to my livingroom system. My only question is if it will show up as a Roon endpoint. If not, how can I get Roon working in that room with not much tinkering needed.

It has Chromecast so it should work with Roon with that. But it won’t do Dolby etc goodness.
It also takes HDMI so you could use that interface which I guess would allow more surround sound settings etc.

I use Roon RAAT from Nucleus to an Oppo 203 DVD (Roon Ready), then HDMI to LG OLED TV then HDMI to Bose Soundtouch 300 soundbar with Acoustimass bass module and rear surround speakers. I was fortunate that my Oppo 203 was Roon Ready in that I had never heard of Roon when I bought it.

I also have an HDMI connection from the Nucleus to Oppo, but I can not detect any difference in SQ versus the ethernet connection to Oppo other than multi-channel which I don’t care about for Roon.

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Thanks for your help. Sorry to sound stupid. My understanding is as the soundbar has chromecast, it will show as an endpoint and it will do stereo with it.



I think so. Should just be like any other Chromecast endpoint.

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So probably a max of 96hz 24 bit if that makes a difference to you.

24/48. I would always assume that the Chromecast implementation is not up to specs. I have not seen many non-google Chromecast devices actually achieve 24/96 with Roon.

Ah yes your right there. My mistake.

I may end up moving my Bluesound Node 2 to handle Roon in that case.

Let us know how you like the Sennheiser. I read it’s top drawer kit;

This may be helpful

Theory Audio Design is quite good for soundbar if I was thinking about tearing down my theater room. I currently run Lyngdorf MP60 with all Seaton Cat 12 and spark set up there. For living room I thought Ambeo is good enough and no need to pluck down $10K for Theory Audio. If Ambeo disappoints that would be the only option. I will post when it comes in a few weeks.


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