Shared network folder path?

hi; ive read the appropriate guidance but am still struggling.

What is the correct path i enter into Roon storage settings (“Add network share”), when the IP of the computer I’m want my core to monitor is, and the path of the folder I want to my roon core to monitor, on this remote pc, is J:\FLACS ?

sorry if this is obvious, but every time i try to follow the guidance, i obtain an “invalid path” error.

many thanks for your advice

You may be missing the step of making the FLACS folder a network share, so that it can be seen over the network by the Roon Core?

Until you make the folder shareable over the network, then it won’t be visible at the network address of \\\FLACS and can’t be accessed by other computers on your network.

thanks; you were correct. Doh! However, I’ve done that, now, and I’m still getting an error message “could not connect to share: unauthorized”. I am logged in as an administrator.

Many thanks for your advice

oh, and i set permissions to ‘everyone’, when I requested sharing properties for the folder

share permissions settings confirm full control, change, read, are allowed, for everyone, and that folder is designated as ‘shared’

Are you using Windows on your devices? And if so, are you using your Microsoft Account credentials to try and access the network share from Roon? That may be the issue.

Frankly, I’ve found it easiest to define a local account for Roon on the machine with the shared folder, and then use the local account credentials in Roon.

yes using latest windows patch on all pc’s, and same accounts too. so do you mean just set up a random account on the remote pc to login with, which matches my roon credentials?

Not quite. You can either:

  • set up a new local account on the remote PC, but don’t use your Roon Credentials - keep them separate. Use something simple, e.g. username roon plus a strong password
  • alternatively, try using the remote PC’s local username of your Microsoft Account to login with in Roon.

See this post for details on the second method:

thanks i’ll give it a go and report back

nope. first method didn’t work. still getting the not authorized message. turned off firewalls on both roon core and remote pc as well, to see if that could be the problem…it wasnt. late here now. I will return to the fray tomorrow, and try method 2 if i can get my head around it. any more advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

many thanks again.

as an afterthought, i’m not sure if this is relevant, but i manually assigned my roon core device, but not the remote pc, a ‘sticky’ IP address, as DHCP seemed to be causing some issues. not sure this is a networking issue, though? seems more one of privileges, than inability to route through to the folder?

I, too, think this is more likely to be a permissions error, rather than a networking error.

Hi again. I’m tearing my hair out here. I’ve checked the properties of the folder I’m trying to share again, and it specifically lists roon as having both read and write privileges. However, I’m still getting the coukd not connect to share: unauthorized error message. Logging in with different user accounts, and disabling firewalls makes no difference. Error is persistent.

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

Can you post a screenshot of the Add Network Share screen in Roon with the fields showing what you’re trying to add? Perhaps there’s a clue there.

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Hello @anon85428724, geoff is correct. Could you please post a screenshot of the share so we can take a look?

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