She & Him albums on Qobuz missing in Roon Discography (unless favorited in Qobuz)

I just presumed, as Roon shows only three She & Him albums this was the truth of matters, but popping over to Qobuz it seems this is not the case! There are all the albums available to play (not download only) so can anyone also streaming from Qobuz please check their Roon to see if it is only me? :+1:

Aren’t some singles?
In Roon I can see 3 albums and 12 singles for this band (Qobuz France account).

What seems to be missing in Roon that Qobuz (USA) recognizes are the three “Volume” albums.

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Had this many times with Qobuz in Roon where it won’t see certain albums. I can see the Volumes albums in the Qobuz app but Roon only sees them in Tidal and not Qobuz this is in UK . Some of items in Qobuz app are not albums just singles though. If you want to add them just favourite them in qobuz they will sync through.

@joel is this a metadata issue or something wrong in search?

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You can find the album if you search the album name.
I have seen this behavior several times in Roon…

I’ve also seen this behavior in Roon. It’s been going on for some time.

But why not under discography where it should be? Never seen this with Tidal , only with Qobuz so something different in how they provide data to Roon me thinks.

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I confirm Volume albums can be found and played in Qobuz app, not in Roon :frowning: Looks like a bug.
Also Qobuz search finds She & him even if I look for She and him, Roon search fails.

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Searching for the “Volume” albums by their specific title, via Roon, still does not produce a Qobuz version for me.

The missing albums don’t appear in searches either, I thought that but no they just aren’t there.

Yes that’s what alerted me to the fact, I was reading the review of the covers album and it mentioned three previous albums…

Maybe this is something @support might like to get involved in?

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Yes I can confirm once favourited in Qobuz the album does appear in the Discography section for the artist.

I’ve moved this post to #support

Hey @Tim_Woodward and fellow community gang. Thank you for the heads up on this. We’re looking into it and may have already detected a possible cause here.

I’m seeing all of these titles in my US based Roon account, so we’ll need to take a look at how the streaming licensing is being reported for various regions.

If I enter She Him Volume in search all are discovered. For now, please follow @CrystalGipsy’s advice, and favorite these titles directly in the Qobuz app to add them to your Roon Library - until we determine exact cause.

We appreciate your help when reporting these discoveries.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’m not seeing this behaviour, search doesn’t find anything unless I have favourited it in Qobuz first.

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Thank you for getting back to me about it @Tim_Woodward. We’re investigating. :pray:

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Thanks for looking into it. I also see this behavior a lot. I get the same issue with She & Him (even though I’ve favorited 2 albums by them), Volume 3 cannot be found in Roon at all (it does show up in the Qobuz app). Earlier today I was frustrated I couldn’t find Bela Fleck’s recent album My Bluegrass Heart, and I see it also shows up in the Qobuz app and I access it by favoriting it. Generally I’ve seen this behavior for a long time (it isn’t new) and I often will go search Qobuz if something doesn’t turn up in Roon. I will say I used to get this same problem when I was using Tidal as well (before I switched to Qobuz).


I had the exact same scenario yesterday… “She & Him” didn’t turn up one relevant result.
Today i get this:

I’m not sure though if this is related to build 898 or some other faucet being turned stateside?

Good morning gents!

@Tim_Woodward, if you enter ‘She Him Volume’ today are you getting any results?

@Mikael_Ollars, thank you for indicating that you’re getting some results now!

@sharpnine, we think the Bela Fleck snag is related to something else, perhaps a lag in updating the streaming rights.

When I searched using the terms ‘Bela Fleck Bluegrass’ the album was the first hit in my results. Since the update yesterday is it showing up for you? If not, can you tell me the search terms you’re using? Thanks!