Should the primary version of an album always play in preference

I imagined that if you have delegated one version of an album as the primary one it should always be played (when on random) in preference to others.

This is not happening for me

Am I misunderstanding what a primary version means or do I need to do something with my settings?


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Yes and no as it depends on the context of how you get there. If for instance you’re in the whole album view and filter by album title select it and press play or click in it and press play it will default to the primary version. If you use the general search it may find a different version to your primary and this will be the version that plays. This happens if it’s from the quick search bit more often than not but also main search to. You have to observe what version it finds. I ended up removing duplicates in Qobuz as it tends to find those rather than my own version. Roon radio it’s whatever version the algorithm matched to and that maybe or maybe not your primary one.

Here is an example

Born in the USA my cd rip is primary version

If I use search it finds the highest res version

and if I play it will be this one as it’s the one it’s viewing.

Click into its the same as it’s the version it’s viewing

Only way to guarantee it’s your version each and every time is to not use search and only filter or focus in the albums section.

It does the same for non hires stuff as well it just random as as to what Roon decides to land on dependant on what you have in your library.

Discussed lots in various variants, for example: