Show sub-gene on Tidal/Qobuz 'new releases' pages

The ability to display sub or secondary genres on Tidal / Qobuz ‘new releases’ page.

(either permanently or on ‘hover over’)

Obviously this feature could apply across the whole Roon interface. But I expect it would soon become annoying when viewing your own personal library or searching for music. But when viewing the Tidal / Qobuz new releases page it is very hard to tell (without clicking though) which sub-genre an album belongs to as the top level are almost too broad to be useful.

I expect I am not alone in particularly liking certain sub genres of ‘Electronic’ or ‘World Music’ while having less interest in others. It would be great to be able to see the secondary (even just the first/most popular) genres for those releases that contain secondary genre tags.

In a physical record shop it would be akin to being able to quickly distinguish the new Metal releases from the latest Rockabilly ones. Rather than everything being lumped together under a general banner of Rock :guitar:

A genre sub-filter could be another option. But I think this is one of those situations where you don’t know what you want upfront. You could maybe facet down, but that might limit you too quickly. Better to show everything but with a visual indicator of the sub-genre so that you can quickly scan them all to find the ones likely of of most interest to you.

Something akin to this…

That looks ideal. All we’ve got to do is get the devs at Roon to implement it (and a proper button for shuffling).