Show us your signal path

Maybe it’s just me, but I like to peek at other people’s signal paths whenever a screendump is posted. Interesting to see how others are killing their bit-perfectness. :slight_smile:

Anyway - here’s mine – care to share yours?

(Basic PCM upsampling (Precise, Minimum Phase), signal goes from Node 2 via SPDIF coax to MiniDSP (for Dirac DRC) to Meridian DSP speakers (also via SPDIF) – or directly to headphones).

After extensive listening – back to basics.

Me too, here is mine for now:

After microRendu there is a Mojo connected to Sennheiser HD800S which I have EQed somewhat to create a profile with more bass for some ECM jazz albums.

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Is it wrong for your signal path to be almost too long for a single screen capture? :wink:

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I have two, because at this point I can’t decide which sounds better. Both use mostly the same hardware; “PlayPoint” uses only Roon DSP with the PlayPoint configured as a Roon network endpoint; “HQP-iMac” uses only HQP DSP with the PlayPoint configured as an HQP NAA, plus an additional computer.

Roon DSP is smooth, minimum (or linear) phase; 7th order (CLANS); parallelized; native DSD. HQP DSP details are shown pretty well in the graphic.

I win, my don’t fit on screen even when maximized and in 2560x1440 resolution :slight_smile:

Various corrections done that could be merged, but it does not matter for SQ or performance.

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Have reverted to HQP for both convolution and upsampling for the moment. Enjoying the spacious closed form filter again.

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Isn’t that the one that takes extra power?

Here’s mine. Just trying upsampling for the first time today…

I’m a big believer in ‘less is more’. No magic smoke and mirrors here, just music…


Couldn’t agree more…:+1::+1:

Or as a former prime minister of ours infamously called it “smoke and daggers”.


In HQP and with CUDA enabled, closed-form averages about 25% CPU and poly-sinc-shrt-mp about 28%. I think closed-form might be doing more work in the GPU but haven’t got a tool to check it.

Wow, convolution plus 27 bands of PEQ! Hats off to you.

Very clean and simple these days :slight_smile:

I’m however puzzled with the change in output since build 223… BluOS has been replaced by Device Outputs.
I’ve not heard back from @support on this.

A little bit overkill perhaps, but right now I am running no filters (just a mono-measurement for room correction). :slight_smile: