Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2024]

The room’s in the process of re-decorating, paused for the holidays, but the system is getting a good seasonal workout.

Subs are REL carbon specials, my only change for 2023.


Funny my kit is also crammed into an architectural feature

I built the shelves and unit into an old Victorian press


Night time fun after the tidy up…


that bottle of scotch is going to block the view of your screen.


The bottle contains rum blended in the UK and the VDU has gone as part of the “tidy up.”
I’ll provide a few more pictures once tidying and rearranging has been completed :crossed_fingers:t4:


Always love seeing Chord gear :+1:

I still have the wee sisters in the family :wink:

Inclusive of my hideous table that some fellow Roonies love to see :face_with_peeking_eye:

My main setup has seen a downgrade in readiness for an upgrade :thinking:

The thick fleece blanket is acting as room treatment for the floor, it works. As silly as it sounds, I’ve used HouseCurve to create a convolution filter for the HomePods; as I did for the outgoing Sonos Fives. Quite effective for the HPs. Also shows a good difference when the blanket is down.

HPs are setup with an Apple TV 4k, with the HPs as the audio output. The ATV4k is set to do HDMI Arc duties. My Roon Server is on a Windows machine, on a shelf the other side of the wall. No cables on show, pleases the wife, and the HDMI output goes into the TV. Power cables can’t be helped. A long low unit is planned for the gap. So that table for the PS5 is temporary.

Now, the HomePods are not fantastic by any stretch of the imagination, but these certainly fill this room (5m x 5m x 2.6m and opens into the kitchen and old dining/lounge rooms. And the bass, darn good for what they are. Good for films as well.

And before you all say, I know things aren’t lossless in this setup after the Roon Server reaches the TV. For uninterrupted listening I adorn my headphones (Audio Technica ATH-M50X or HifiMan Sundara closed Backs) with a choice of FiiO R7, Chord Poly/Mojo2 and a Onkyo CR-N755. The latter does CD duties and will be moved to the man cave at some point in the next decade.


Happy New Year 2024!
My setup…
VTL MB125 monoblock tube amp
VTL TL-2.5i tube preamp
Marantz SA-12SE SACD/DVD-ROM/DAC player
Roon Nucleus Music Server
8TB HDD music storage
KECES 116, linear power supply for Nucleus and HDD
Dynaudio Contour 1.8mk2 floor standing speakers
Taralabs Reference Generation 2 interconnectors
Goertz MI-3 speaker cables
HiFiMan Sundara Open back planar headphones

NEW: The Marantz SA-12SE converts PCM/DSD to DSD256 via its built-in DSP and custom filter, sounds musical!


I am lacking :heart:s for a few hours, but you sir @MusicFidelity deserve a few. Nice set up.

An extra 5 :heart:s for the Christmas stocking :wink:


What’s that Orinco thing I see there?

It’s a hard drive docking station

Allows for, in this case a single hard drive to be swapped out easily

Welcome to the house of fun:

I’ve got a small workspace underneath the roof of my house (my wife is WFH mostly and thus has a full room for home office). To add a bit of fun, I got myself a Mu-so 2 over the holidays. Works surprisingly well near-field and keeps our living room system safe from any audio related experiments I may or may not feel the urge to undertake. Good times, great joy:


I use a powerful MacMini (dedicated use for Roon only) as my Roon Core server.
My main source for playing music from Roon is the Altair G2.1.

My main setup:
Auralic Altair G2.1 preamp/dac/streamer.
Leema Hydra II Anniversary power amp
Marten Parker Duo speakers
REL T7X sub
Clearaudio Concept/ with AudioTechnica AT33PTG/II- turntable
Rega MC riaa
Oppo 95 Blue-ray /CD drive
Black Magic Revelation IC mkII xlr , Tellurium Q Ultra Black II , Whistler Audio cables


2023 was a good year and I had made a few changes to my setup. In Jan, a new Esoteric S-05 Class A power amp replaced my Luxman 590AXii integrated. Added a few grounding boxes and cables. Added a new Shanling ET3 CD transport. And finally a 85in TV for display :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Moved my system back to its original position too.

Looking forward to another good year ahead.


PSB Alpha IQ… Upgraded from Sonos Play:3 (pair). Will see if I need to add a sub or not. Have a carpet to put down over the weekend.

  • frequency response: 64-20,000 (±3dB)
    4 inch driver, large room (beautiful fireplace). Can’t imagine not having a subwoofer.
    I’m running kef ls50 in open plan living room and using SVS micro 3000. Small but a decent low form factor solution. And available in white.

I’m really interested in these, please keep us updated. I was conflicted between these and the LSX II for my desktop speakers.

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That was my target Sub, unless I can find a KC62 used at a good price… but the APP with the SVS is my tipping point.

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They sound really good, we’ll see how much effect the area rug will have. I’m probably going with a Powernode Edge and Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ for my desk and sub. I’d rather only have one more power plug on my desktop vs 2 (or 3 with Sub).

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Happy New Year 2024!
My setup

2 x PC DIY
Roon / Serveur / Bridge mode séparé
Double PC Fanless - Xeon / I3 / Batterie-IFI Power

Speakers DIY
AMT Mundorf
Satori 5"
Eton Orchestra 12"

Kinki EX-M7

RME adi2



The results of 3 decades of collecting stuff… :see_no_evil:

Plenty of discs to put into my CXC and Sony.

Hi-Fi Specs

From top to bottom in my cabinet.

  • Cambridge Audio CXA81
  • Sony 4k ultra HD blu-ray player
  • 2014 Mac Mini (Roon Server) with attached USB hub and wireless receiver for keyboard and mouse
  • Cambridge Audio CXNv2
  • Cambridge Audio CXCv2

Dali Spektor 2 speakers, JVC subwoofer, 55 inch Toshiba 4k ultra HD LCD TV, ISP TV box and a little game console satisfy my media hunger.

Apart from the game console and the blu-ray player which are networked through Wi-Fi. Everything is Ethernet connected through a little unmanaged switch.