Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

I have AT&T U-Verse internet 50/12 and never a problem with Tidal or Qobuz.

No photos yet, still moving furniture - looking for misplaced items and setting up the sound system, but some really good news anyway.

All the work we did taking the room down to studs and concrete and removing all the debris in the walls paid off even without all the soundproofing we added.

The builders from back in the 60’s had used the inside of the walls and hearth to throw away tile scrap and other rattling crap instead of hauling it off. !@#$%^&*… I mentioned previously that the subs literally rattled the walls in the room. It was all the scrap building materials left behind inside the old walls.

With careful routing of the 4 sub cables through the ceiling and walls away from electrical lines the annoying hum is completely gone from the subs. The volume is set where it should be and not down low to avoid the hum. Not a peep until the signal is received. Yeah!!

At first 4 of the 11 speakers, one side - one rear and 2 in the ceiling were not producing any sound. Thought I had screwed something up with the in wall cabling. But it turned out to be the new Sewell 12 gauge deadbolt speaker cables from the receiver to the wall plates in the media closet. For whatever reason 4 of the 11 cables I had just purchased don’t work. Replacing those with different cables fixed the problem. I will be return all 11 of those new deadbolt banana plug cables.

Ran the audyssey room correction and dialed the subs in then played a Bass Test cd through Roon with volume. The 2 subs at 3000 watts combined had the room vibrating under my feet but no noisy rattles.

Music is sounding good, will see/hear when all the furniture is in place.


Just got an upgrade from 350 to 375 “for free” with my ISP. But yeah. Yours is 72 mbit download and 18 mbit upload.

Which is plenty. My parents have 50 mbit download in their chalet and they can stream music and watch internet tv at the same time no problem.

I’ve not found any bodies, but I’ve found most other things hidden away. When I bought the house a bathroom floor was waterproofed with 6 inches of concrete, hidden below with a suspended ceiling. It was on the point of collapse and a few hits with a sledgehammer and the whole ceiling collapsed.

This time found things like this. I actually paid for this work decades ago. Needless to say, we replaced every wire and pipe, starting from the street. The hifi, modem cupboard and AV each have their own dedicated lines from the consumer units.


Good album. Nice set up!

Made a couple of changes to the system recently. First was getting rid of that giant 32" monitor on the back wall behind my listening seat for my Roon Core PC. It has been replaced with a little 8" monitor that is now hidden in the cabinet along with the rest of the gear. Not that it matters in this particular situation, but this little monitor has excellent picture and color quality. All of only $82 shipped! It’s perfect for just running Roon on.



The second change was swapping out the AudioQuest CV-8 (72 volt DBS system) speaker cables with the Tara Labs The One CX cables. These Maggie 1.7i’s take extremely well to cable changes because holy cow, what an improvement! A wider sound stage with greater space and air within the stage, more grunt and energy in the bass and a more natural, realistic body in the midrange. Treble also benefits some with a bit more snap and refinement.


Lo-Fi… Our apt media room in SF. There’s nicer to be sure, but we’re really enjoying our HT setup.

KEF LS50 Metas LRC
REL T7/Ti Sub
KEF Ci160TS rear surrounds
Acoustics Origin C62s Atmos elevated

Denon AVR-X3700H
Lyndorf TDAI-1120 powering the L+R in stereo and HT Bypass
Mac Mini (Late 2012) Roon Core and picture/video server
Apple TV 4k
Tivo Edge
Bluesound Node streamer (for audio not supported by Roon)

Salamander Media Cabinet
Roche-Bobois Satelite Media Sofa

Waiting on YIO (Unfolded Circle) Remote 2 to tie it all together


What is a media sofa?

A sofa that reclines, elevated support for legs? I guess I just made it up… fully automatic for back rest and leg position. Regardless of the classification, it’s very comfortable


Evidently, it’s a thing, according to Google.


This I love! The hi-fi (lets face it Kef ls50 metas are crazy good… not to mention the rest of your kit) is awesome and that carpet! This is where I want to watch movies and listen to great music! Enjoy every minute of it!

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We have gone active! Elac Navis ARF-51 replacing passive speakers, power amplifier, speaker cable and isolation feet. It sounds great and it is amazing how excellent a good active design can sound from relative small speakers.

So now this is how our setup looks like, where the Naim Atom HE is the pre-amp, streamer and DAC in one: Roon • QOBUZ • Cambridge Audio CXC • Naim Uniti Atom HE • Elac Navis ARF-51 • Dynaudio Sub 6 • Grimm TPR • AudioQuest Niagara 1200, NRG-Z3 & Monsoon • AKG K702 • Philips X2HR • Sivga SV021



Very nice indeed!

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Nice update :+1:
Saw it already in another forum but I am staying away there with my reactions.

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Eesh, this is the stuff of nightmares for my wife! Fortunately I did most of the invasive stuff in our house when she was living and working out of the country! :grinning:


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Very elegant!

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I’m just soooo happy to see a picture that doesn’t show some fancy brand new, no dog hair listening room!!! It actually looks like someone lives there. Brilliant!

Plus even better, that you use normal furniture to hold your equipment. :grinning:

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Very nice. We also have a RB “Itineraire” sofa, backs go back and forth, in the forward position is like a normal sofa and with the seats back a Roman-style orgy becomes a serious possibility. Great for slobbing out, just need someone to dangle grapes above us.


Funny, nice sofa though🤣

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