Shuffle all as in 1.7

Please, let us have shuffle all back, as it used to be in 1.7. No queue of songs only up next


But why the limit to 5000 tracks?

It’s not limited to 5000. That’s just what it shows you in the queue - it is shuffling fro your entire library. IMO Roon would solve a lot of confusion over this by reverting back to 1.7 way of doing it, or say only exhibit 100 tracks in the queue at a time. I mean, who really needs to see/edit a queue that would be 10 days out?

Thx for the heads up. It’s not the queue that was the problem but, what I tough would be, a 5000 track limit. Glad to hear it’s not. Now it’s time for some music.

It is a 5K limit. Roon has stated the limit is intentional because the queue is limited to about 5K tracks. The shuffle is now random to your entire library. If it’s a problem just reshuffle periodically and you will get a new 5K queue.

it’s not a problem. it’s just the feeling when you hit " shuffle all " and leave it on. I don’t see why Roon can’t do the same thing as my old click wheel iPod did 10 years ago. Let’s just call it back to the future.


I’m with you
Wish it would shuffle entire library

If you pick 5000 songs at random and shuffle those, then when it runs out shuffle the other 5000. Of course if you cancel and re start a different random 5000 are chosen.
How long are you going to live, you’ll never hit the buffers :joy:

current projection is 117 yrs.

I didn’t even state an option …just a wish…I thought this was a safe place to just have a wish …i thought i could be honest here …but alas I see that i cannot be

You can be as honest as you like, my reply was honest also…

It’s not about the 5000 tracks. It’s about the rest of the tracks in your collection.

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You can only listen to one song at a time. You have say 10,000 and Roon initially picks 5,000 at random and then randomly picks one from that pool. I just cannot see the issue, you don’t know what you are going to get and now you have a random track from the whole 10,000 pool.
Start again if you like and have a different 5000 pool. But again, you can only enjoy 1 at a time and will never listen to them all. It will be a random selection.
Or have I understood this wrongly?

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Well, 10 000 tracks and shuffle 50% and then next time shuffle the rest. Do you believe that? Let’s say you have 100 000 tracks. Then it shuffles only 5 % and the next time you hit shuffle are you sure it picks 5000 new tracks?
Average song length 6 minutes x 5000=30 000 minutes divided by 60=500 hours divided by 24=ca 20,1 days if you listen 24/7. 6 hours daily listening =ca 83 days.
For me this is not that long time, and if I like shuffle all better than shuffle 5000 track why do you argue about that? Just wondering.

I’m not arguing, I’m trying to understand as most people would never just shuffle random music all the time. I see this as a very outside case indeed.
I expect the majority of people play music they want to listen to most of the time and then use Roon Radio seeded by music they are interested in.
I would assume that most people would also shuffle music on a theme, genre or artist and with doing this could easily play uninterrupted or repeated all day. This is without internet radio stations playing random music all day and night.

That doesn’t mean you are wrong to do what you do or want Roon to take a different approach to shuffle, but I believe you are an outside case considering all the other priorities the developers have to contend with.

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You are trying to understand?
Most people would?
You expect the majority?
You would assume?
What do you really know about other people listening habits?

Chris, we all have different needs. Have a great Easter :hatching_chick:

Would selecting tracks not played in the last day/week/etc. not work for you (or even be better if you’ve not played everything in the 5000 tracks)?

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I bought my first Sooloos system back in 2009, C10 & Twinstore, because of the new and easy way to listen to music, and Roon from day one. For me it’s about easiness, less is more, and great sound of course. Why being forced to do all this clicking around to get what I want, when actually it’s so easy to just hit “ shuffle all “ ?
Just me thinking

Well we always had to choose music, find a CD/Cassette/Album so it’s never been easier to just play random music if that’s what you choose. It was never possible before at all… I would think 5000 randomly chosen songs is enough for anyone or focus on unplayed material as has been suggested.
Put it this way, you will not run out of music to enjoy, especially over the Easter break. Happy Easter all.

I don’t get the logic at work here saying that shuffle doesn’t work because it only puts 5000 tracks in the queue. Why would it be working any differently if it puts zero tracks in the queue or 10 or 100 or 100,000? It’s still choosing randomly from across your library. The initial 1.8 bug was that it was only choosing from the first 5000 tracks in the library (depending on the sort at the time).

Now it chooses from A-Z. Perhaps with 1.7 it was choosing out 5000 tracks just like 1.8 and just not putting them in the queue? How would you even know? Listen to ten plus days worth of random tracks and then get upset that on day 11 it chooses something again that it had on day 1? This is pretty margin case stuff - much bigger fish for Roon devs to fry imo.

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