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I’m trying to run a shuffle for a specific artist but roon only shuffle the one album I have in my library for this artist, which is not what I’m trying to do. I do not want to add all the artist album to be able to shuffle its albums.

Is there an option somewhere to do that?

The only way I found is to manually select all the albums, hit the play button and then hit the shuffle button from my queue…

I don’t even have a shuffle option in the artist menu:

You need to activate it in the option :wink:

Ah, thanks, never thought of that. Then it does seem to shuffle all albums of the artist for me.
EDIT: Ah I misunderstood. I have all albums by this artist in my library

For another artist it’s also only the 2 albums in the library:

So yeah no idea about your question :slight_smile:

I do not have any of these in my Library and do not have the “shuffle” option from the artist page.

If I select all the albums like you said then hit the down arrow next to the “play” button I get a “shuffle” option.

You might need to go to settings/Play actions and edit the “albums” section to turn on “shuffle”

If you want to do this more than once, I would add all the albums to a playlist and then select the playlist and hit shuffle from the “play” drop down.

As far as I can tell the albums were not added to my library just to the playlist with the above method.

:slight_smile: It’s in Settings > Play Actions

Yep, I have that in my post for Albums and there is a section for artists.
However, even with it turned on I do not have the option to shuffle from the Giant Sand artist page.
I only have “play now” and “Start Radio”.

As a test I added one album to my library and then I had the shuffle option.

Yes, I had that too until I did this:

But then it shuffles only the tracks from albums that are in the library, as the OP noted. Therefore, you have to have at least one album of the artist in the library to begin with, else the Shuffle option does still not show:

Yeah… but my goal isn’t to shuffle a single album because I added it to my library first. It’s to shuffle an artist on roon.

It makes no sense to add albums to your own content to shuffle an artist. There is no way to shuffle an artist in roon, then. Which, for me, makes no sense for a music player. The goal is to be able to discover new sound and albums, not to stick to your own content…

Yeah, I got that already further up :slight_smile: Just explaining to bearFNF why he has no Shuffle option for Giant Sand even after enabling the option in Settings. He probably simply does not have any Giant Sand album in the library.

I know that doesn’t solve your problem, it just confirms what you already suspected, that Shuffle in the Play menu for an artist only works for albums in your library

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