Shuffle queue skipping items and just stopping

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus 1.7 build 528

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet throughout. Innuos uPnp.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Playing through Roon Muso QBs. Same issue on both.

Description Of Issue

2 problems when running a shuffle queue
Firstly I build a queue of songs to listen to by selecting like or dislike from the shuffle. Alas, the system often skips many songs. See picture. This seems to happen when I build long queues. So I keep my queues below 50 minutes and that limits the problem to once every few days.
Secondly when the queue hits a song of different quality it just stops. Most songs are FLAC. But if a higher res song or an AAC appears the music just stops.
As you can imagine, these problems drive me wild. Music is meant to be relaxing. Not stressful awaiting a carefully curated queue to be destroyed. Or for the music to repeatedly just stop.
Otherwise Roon is brilliant. Just not relaxing.


Have you tried any troubleshooting such as rebooting everything?
What operating system and what sort of PC are you running roon server on?

Roon server is on Roon Nucleus. I reboot weekly as otherwise the Nucleus grinds to a halt. Remember the IT Crowd “Have you tried switching it off and on again?”

What do you use to control your set up PC, iPad? Have you tried playing through that devices output to see if it is the roon to muso link that’s the issue?

I use an iPad to control. But I also run Roon through my main stereo (Devialet Expert etc.) But I don’t use Shuffle on that system. I curate. So I will try running Shuffle on my Devialet. Problem is I generally listen for maybe 4 hours per day on the Muso and just minutes on the Devialet. But I will change that behaviour for the test. Thanks.

Just an idea. The more fiddling around you do when you have an (apologies for the description) odd problem it helps support.

I used to test software for a living, but retirement has obviously made my brain slow!!

But it wasn’t “your” app you were testing it was the chicken egg counter or whatever :slight_smile::hatching_chick:
It’s irritating at home.

So true. Irritating. First world problems, eh? The economy is tanking and my music stops playing sometimes. Puts things into perspective.

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Hi @Stuart_Dudman,

If you press expand on the skipped items, what do you see there? Are those local tracks that were skipped or tracks from TIDAL?

I assume this means you are using the Roon Radio feature when this issue occurs?

Do try the other endpoint as well. If this behavior is limited to just the MuSo then we would troubleshoot it differently than if the issue was affecting multiple zones.

I do not use Roon Radio. It repeatedly tries to play me things like Bruce Springsteen.

I have bookmarks. So all songs of a certain tag not played in the last 6 months and not MQA for example. I click on the bookmark and then click on Shuffle. One song plays. On the right one is given the choice of thumb up or thumb down on future tracks. I build a queue by thumbing up or down. Experience has shown to build a queue of 50 minutes or less to minimise skipping.

Looking at my latest skip events, there is a mixture of local (uPnP) tracks and Tidal. From a small sample, the first track skipped in each case was Tidal.

I will continue testing this on my Devialet but just due to Logistics I’m only probably able to listen to the Devialet for a fraction of the time I can listen to the Naim.

Thinking about this, I haven’t been clear enough. Post Covid-19 brain. Still fuzzy. When the skip happens, the whole queue is wiped out and the music starts playing the track on the right – what I see now is the shuffle window. Hope that makes thing clearer. The queue can be Tidal and/or uPnP tracks.

Hi @Stuart_Dudman,

Please do let us know if this issue occurs on the Devialet as well, as this would indicate that the issue is not specific to the Naim and would allow us to troubleshoot as a Core issue and not an endpoint issue.

If you notice the issue occur either on the Devlialet or the Naim zone, please note the local time + date + track the issue occur at and let me know here, this will be useful if we have to go deeper into debugging this issue by looking at logs.

Appreciate the clarification, this does help.

Big breakthrough. Queue skip just happened. I went and looked in detail at the first song skipped. It show Unavailable in Tidal!!. Who knew such a thing existed? Looking back this seems to be the pattern. So it would be nice if Unavailable tracks didn’t come up in Shuffle. Or at least that not the whole queue is skipped; just the Unavailable track. Feel daft that I didn’t spot this before.

Hi @Stuart_Dudman,

Glad to hear you were able to locate the source of the issue!

The current way that Shuffle works is that Roon adds all the tracks you select to the queue.

If the track has been removed due to TIDAL themselves (due to copyright/licensing agreements/ect), this is not something that Roon can pick up on at the present time.

I would suggest you make a feature request regarding this use-case and provide your feedback in that section of our website. Thanks!

Roon shows it’s unavailable so maybe it can pick it up…or is that magic?
Just need to show the unavailable status in the shuffle window. Or just miss that one song out of the queue. Or not put it in the queue to start with.
Anyway, I’ll do a feature request. At least now I know why it’s happening.

Hello @Stuart_Dudman,

I agree that there could be some room for improvement here, but this feature is not currently implemented, hence why I suggested the feature request.

Please feel free to note these suggestions in your feature request thread, our product team keeps a close eye on that category for suggestions on how to improve Roon.