Silent Angel Rhein Z1 user experiences & upgrades

Dear reader,

I have been using a Silent Angel Rhein Z1 for some time as a Roon core/server (2TB SSD inside avoids a NAS). The VitOS system also provides streaming functionality.

This way I never have to buy any expensive streaming hardware (that becomes obsolete overnight) any more. My setup is now restricted to Analog: vinyl one the one side & Digital: ROON on the other. My 1200 odd ripped CD’s are now on the SSD of the Rhein. CD’s => Thrift shop.

All you need extra is a DAC of your choice. Please remember that that technology is like Moore’s law (more specs every year while the price goes down in the same pace). My ZEN Dac Signature (office equipment) outperforms a 10K+ unit from some 5-10 years ago.

Now for upgrades. I recently purchased an external upgrade linear power supply for the Rhein Z1. It is the FARAD super 3.

The result is amazing indeed. My whole digital chain is now much quieter and has lost its last ‘digital edges’. Mind you, some (at least) simple power conditioning is necessary for other devices in the chain. Here you can use , for example, iFi simple iPower units.

Music needs to trigger emotions, and this does the trick…

Happy listening hours,

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