Silent Angel VitOs

Yes, I am tried to set up p4 with VitOS. I am feel good with the SQ which VitOS provided. Let me have more interests to build my own custom realtime 64bit arch OS.

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Good luck with your build. It would be nice to have a 64-bit RT kernel for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module in our Allo USBridge Sig. :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I have tried VitOS but see that RPI 4B/8GB after start booting shows “Require new software version for this board”.

I prepared SD card according instructions on
several times but the same result.

Can you please advise what can be a problem?

Thank you.

Hi @David_Snyder

Could you share some screenshots of the OS showing what other apps/protocols are supported?

Their website mentions Airplay 2 and proper Spotify Connect for their Z1 server running VitOS .


Because we don’t want all to rip up our houses to run a cable upstairs to bedrooms where raspberry Pis as endpoints become useful streamers. WiFi is far more convenient for installs like this where no other networking kit is needed. I tried vitos it was good but not good enough to do away with convenience.

Do you have a cable TV outlet in the same room? If so, I’ve found MoCA (Ethernet over CATV coax) to work very well.

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Perhaps AirPlay and Spotify Connect are features that are supported only by their $1,600 Z1 server. I do not see evidence of these in the free edition of VitOS for the Raspberry Pi.

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Did you have a chance to obtain objective measurements, comparing VitOS to DietPi and RoPieee?

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Objective? No, but subjectively, RoPieee < DietPi < VitOS in terms of sound quality with a USB DAC and wired network connection.

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Call me suspicious, and I am not making any allegations, but is this software company a legitimate business? Has anyone checked the code for spyware? Is this likely?


I had some issues on my 8GB RPI. On the 2GB version it works like a charm.

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For clarity are you saying VitOS is less than DietPi is less than RoPiee?

It does less as it only acts as a Roon endpoint and doesn’t have the ability to run anything else (based on my testing) but it is just designed as an Ethernet only Roon endpoint and worked great in my testing with a USB headphone DAC.
I also have a DietPi setup but I use that as a Roon extension provider and also a DNS server and it works great on a 4GB Pi 4b (where a 2GB Pi 4b is more than good enough for a stand-alone VitOS or Roopie system)



No…regarding sound quality, the opposite.

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Okay, cool. Thanks. (I got confused by the less than greater than!)

I’m going to give VitOS a go.

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Also running VitOS and in my humble opinion it really sound better than RoPiee.


same here…to me it sounds a little bir better than RoPiee…not saying is night/day of course.
Good thing about all these free apps is that you can test it out yourself in seconds and decide what’s better for your need.

Having wi-fi, spotify, airplay it’s not a priority for me so I’ll stick with VitOs for the moment.

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I have always found the PC/Laptop Roon core USB out to sound excellent via my RME ADI 2.
In fact, IMO, there was no difference (In my system) between the core, or another Laptop running Roon endpoint. This was using either Linux, or Windows.

I have a fairly transparent system… RME ADI 2 >> Firstwatt F7 >> Speakers.

Not trying to disqualify your opinion, just curious.
Could you pick this difference in a blind test?

Better how? Can you describe the benefits? Very curious.